Commencement 2022

Photo Opportunities

Willow Lance in front of the CLA

Tips to Capture the Perfect Graduation Photo:

  • For the best views of the CLA Tower, stand in the Engineering Meadow with the CLA in the background. You can also pose near the flagpole in front of University Plaza (old stables). May 8 is the last day to capture photos of the building before it is covered.
  • The Aratani Japanese Garden, especially the lower bridge, is a prime photo spot just about any time of the day. The garden will be open from May 14 to 22.
  • For the Rose Garden, the best times for photography are early mornings or late afternoons. Avoid midday because the bright sunlight is a challenge.
  • The University Plaza (old stables) is one of the oldest buildings on campus. The arches, courtyard and fountain provide a classic-Cal Poly Pomona photo backdrop.
  • The breezeway in the Student Services Building is a great staging point for photos, especially if you can capture the University  Plaza (old stables) in the background.
  • For a great vista of campus and surrounding areas, hike up Mansion Lane. The walk to the turnout isn’t too difficult, and you’ll get a beautiful overview of campus.

Additional Guidance for Photos:

  • Keep our campus clean! Please don’t use confetti or glass bottles (e.g. breaking Champagne bottles) in your photo shoots, especially near the CLA Building and Aratani Japanese Garden. Those materials are bad for the birds, plants and koi fish, and they’re difficult to clean up.
  • Be careful around construction sites.
  • Entering the CLA Tower or demolition site is strictly prohibited. Security patrols have been increased to ensure safety throughout the night.