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Notetaking Accommodations

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Notetaking Accommodations are approved when the student experiences a barrier to taking their own notes during class. In most cases Notetaking Accommodations are intended to supplement a student’s own notetaking efforts and fill in any gaps in their own notes.

Depending on the notetaking barriers a student experiences, Notetaking Accommodations may include:

  • Notetaking Services: students receive a copy of class notes for review
  • Notetaking Supports: intended to help students take their own notes, such as permission to audio record class lectures or use a laptop to take notes during class.

Notetaking Services

DRC contracts with a professional service called Note Take Express (NTE) to provide Notetaking Services. NTE is a user-friendly service that converts the student’s lecture recordings to professional notes. The student simply records the lecture and uploads it to NTE. Within 24-48 hours, the notes are sent to the student’s CPP email.

Student who request Notetaking Services accommodation for their class(es) will receive an NTE account and information about how to use the service. Students who have any questions or concerns about use of NTE should contact DRC immediately for technical assistance or to explore other options available.

Visit our Notetaking Services page for more information.

Notetaking Supports

Students may also be eligible for other Notetaking Supports such as use of an audio recorder. To utilize Notetaking Support accommodations, the student submits Accommodation Requests indicating which of their eligible Notetaking Support(s) they wish to utilize for each class. Their instructor will then be notified that the student has permission to utilize the requested Notetaking Support(s).

Additional Notetaking Resources

If you have any questions or concerns about your notetaking accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact DRC at drcnotetaking@cpp.edu or (909) 869-3333. We are here to help!