Disability Resource Center

DRC Registration Process

Registration Steps

access to new student applicationTo begin this process, navigate to myDRC to complete a New Student Application. You'll be required to log-in with your Bronco username and password. If possible, please upload your disability documentation* when submitting your application. 

*IMPORTANT: Please note that you should not delay meeting with us out of concern for not having disability documentation. As needed, we will discuss specific documentation needs during your Intake appointment. Our first priority is meeting with you, not reviewing the paperwork

Please review our General Guidelines for Disability Documentation for more information about documentation.

After you submit an application for DRC services, an email will be sent to your CPP email to schedule a Intake Meeting appointment. The purpose of the Intake Meeting is to learn first-hand your functional limitations and accommodation needs.

The Intake appointment is a critical step toward determining eligibility. 

During the appointment, a DRC Access Specialist will chat with you about the barriers you are experiencing, reasonable accommodations to address the barriers, and your next steps.

Intake appointments for incoming freshmen and transfer students for Fall semester will not beginning until late May or early June prior to the starting term. Incoming students are encouraged to apply once they have accepted admission to Cal Poly Pomona and the DRC will keep their application available until intakes begin.

After a student's intake appointment, a DRC Orientation is scheduled with a Bronco Access Mentor or DRC staff member to review with the student on how to use their accommodations.

New Student Frequently Asked Questions

Students can start the process to apply for DRC once they receive a Bronco ID number and CPP login credentials. Please review the application steps for details.

Once DRC has reviewed your application, you will receive an email to your CPP Outlook to submit your availability for an intake appointment. Please wait until you receive this email to schedule your intake appointment. Incoming Fall students will be contacted in late May, early June to schedule intake during the summer. Incoming Spring students will be contacted in January to schedule intake during the month of January.

If you have received your Bronco ID number and CPP login credentials, you can submit a DRC application.

No. You must see a green check mark at the top of the screen when you submit an application. We recommend using a Google Chrome browser and submitting the application within 15 minutes of starting the application.

Students are not required to re-apply every year if you qualify for accommodations on a permanent basis. If your eligibility is determined to be temporary, due to a temporary disability or due to insufficient documentation you will need to discuss how to continue eligibility with our staff. However, students must submit accommodation requests at the beginning of every semester for each of their classes. Once accommodation requests have been submitted, the DRC will notify professors of student accommodations via CPP outlook.

Accommodations do not transfer automatically from one school to another. Accommodations are reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis through an interactive process between the student and a DRC Access Specialist.

No. All students must apply through the same admissions process and meet the admissions criteria. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Documentation may be provided in 3 ways:
  • Submitting the documentation while completing the online application
  • Upload through the link provided in the DRC email when your application has been reviewed
  • Bring a copy to the DRC Office

Please provide any available documentation that indicates a history of disability diagnosis. For more information regarding the requirements for disability documentation, please check out our website.

Intake appointments may be done in-person or online via Zoom. To ensure a successful meeting, cameras are required for all Zoom meetings.

DRC students are not automatically granted priority registration. Students may request priority registration as an accommodation. To be eligible, the student must be registered with the DRC and have a disability-related need which meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • The student’s approved accommodations require significant time for DRC to arrange (interpreting, alternate format conversion, etc.); and/or
  • The student has extraordinary class scheduling needs due to health restrictions and/or medical treatment (such as chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc.).

Once the application is submitted, it takes about 1-2 weeks to complete the 3-step DRC registration process. Students must attend an intake appointment before accommodation eligibility is determined.

Please email drc@cpp.edu to reactivate your DRC profile. Depending on the length of absence, a new intake appointment may be required to discuss accommodation eligibility.

The intake appointment is a critical step in the interactive process between the DRC and the student. The nature of the student’s functional limitations will be discussed and eligibility for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services will be determined based on the available information. You may bring a member of your support team with you; we will ask for your permission for them to attend before the meeting begins.

Each term, the DRC student must request access to their accommodations using DRC Online Services. DRC will email a Notification of Accommodation letter to each instructor. The responsibility of providing academic accommodations does not go into effect until the email is sent. Services are not retroactive. If notification is presented in the middle of the term, accommodations are required from that point forward.

Professors are not provided with the disability or diagnosis. They are only informed of the accommodations a student selected for their course.