Disability Resource Center

New DRC Students - NEXT STEPS

Welcome to the DRC!

You have completed the registration process with DRC and are now eligible for accommodations.
Your FIRST STEP to using your accommodations each term is to request your accommodations for specific classes. Your accommodations do not go into effect until you have requested them for a class.
Please review the tutorial below to learn how to submit your accommodation requests. Your classes should appear in DRC Online Services within 24-48 hours after you register for classes. We recommend you submit your requests as soon as possible after you register. Your instructors will be notified of your accommodations after you submit your requests. Do not forget to submit your requests, because accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.
If classes have already started and you are unable to submit your requests, please contact DRC for assistance at drc@cpp.edu or 909-869-3333.
Tutorial: How to Request Your Accommodations


After You Request Your Accommodations

Certain accommodations require you to take additional steps to help us facilitate those accommodations.

Test Accommodations

DRC will not be proctoring exams in our office for the remainder of 2020, given the university's decision to continue virtual instruction. Most test accommodations can be fulfilled by your instructor in the virtual environment. For online tests, instructors are responsible for adding students' extra time as specified in the Faculty Notification Letter. We recommend that students contact their instructors well in advance of tests to remind them to adjust the time accordingly. If use of your extended time would overlap with another class, you must contact your professor prior to the day of the test (we recommend at least 2 working days prior) to discuss an alternate start time. 

Please contact us (drctesting@cpp.edu) if you are unsure how to receive any of your approved test accommodations.

Notetaking Accommodations

DRC offers different types of notetaking accommodations depending on the notetaking barriers you may experience. Notetaking Accommodations may include:

  • Notetaking Services: students receive a copy of class notes for review
  • Notetaking Supports: intended to help students take their own notes, such as permission to audio record class lectures or use a laptop to take notes

Notetaking Services-Note Taking Express (NTE) 

DRC contracts with a professional service called Note Take Express (NTE) to provide Notetaking Services. NTE is a user-friendly service that converts the student’s lecture recordings to professional notes. The student simply records the lecture and uploads it to NTE. Within 24-48 hours, the notes are sent to the student’s CPP email. 

Students who request Notetaking Services accommodation for their class(es) will receive an NTE account and information about how to use the service. Students who have any questions or concerns about use of NTE should contact DRC immediately for technical assistance or to explore other options available. 

Visit our Notetaking Services page for more information. 

Notetaking Support 

To utilize Notetaking Support accommodations, the student submits Accommodation Requests indicating which of their eligible Notetaking Support(s) they wish to utilize for each class. Their instructor will then be notified that the student has permission to utilize the requested Notetaking Support(s). 

Visit our Audio Recording page for more information.

Alternate Media

The first step to using your alternative media accommodation is to meet with the Accessibility Specialist for an alternative media orientation to determine your preferred format. To schedule your alternative media orientation, email drcaltmedia@cpp.edu requesting an orientation. It is the student’s responsibility to request their alternative media accommodations once they have registered. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Regularly check your CPP email for communication regarding book status, and requests for information and proof of possession. If you purchase an e-book that meets your needs and no longer need DRC to provide your book, please let us know at drcaltmedia@cpp.edu.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Students who submit requests for sign language interpreting or realtime captioning will be contacted by DRC staff to coordinate those accommodations for virtual classes. DRC staff will provide realtime captioning and interpreting for synchronous content. Instructors will be notified that all asynchronous or recorded content must have captions available. Please notify DRC immediately if you find asynchronous content that is not adequately captioned. Please note that recently recorded material may only have auto-generated captions when it is initially posted. Professional captions should be added within 24-48 hours.

Priority Registration

Students who are eligible for Priority Registration (PR) as an accommodation do not need to take any additional action to request PR. Your PR appts usually show up in BroncoDirect a day or two before PR begins.

Temporarily Suspended Accommodations

While campus instruction is being provided virtually, DRC is not providing on-campus accommodations such as Mobility Assistance Cart, accessible furniture, preferential seating. Eligible students will be notified when these accommodations resume.

If you have any questions or concerns about requesting your accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact DRC at drc@cpp.edu or (909) 869-3333. If you have any trouble receiving your accommodations from your instructors, please contact DRC so we can correct the situation as quickly as possible. We are here to help!