Disability Resource Center

Welcome New DRC Students - NEXT STEPS

Welcome to the DRC!

You have completed the DRC registration process and are now eligible for accommodations.
Your FIRST STEP to using your accommodations each term is to request your accommodations for specific classes. Your accommodations do not go into effect until you have requested them for a class. Your classes should appear in myDRC within 24-48 hours after you register for classes. We recommend you submit your requests as soon as possible after you register. Do not forget to submit your requests, because accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.
If classes have already started and you are unable to submit your requests, please contact DRC for assistance at drc@cpp.edu or 909.869.3333.

Student Resources

Please review the tutorial below to learn how to request your accommodations. Use each additional tutorial based on what accommodations you are eligible for. If you are not sure which accommodations you are eligible for, login to your myDRC and click on My Eligibilities (under My Accommodations menu).

click here how-to request your accommodations


how to request test accommodations
click here how-to notetaking
click here how-to alternate media
click here how-to extended deadlines
click here how-to modified attendance
click here how-to furniture
click here how-to mobility assistance

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Students must request sign language interpreting or realtime captioning for each class they want services. After submitting a request, students will be contacted by DRC staff to coordinate those accommodations. DRC staff will provide accommodations for all face-to-face and synchronous classes. Instructors will be notified that all asynchronous or recorded content must have captions available. Please notify DRC immediately if you find asynchronous content that is not adequately captioned. Please note that recently recorded material may only have auto-generated captions when initially posted. Professional captions should appear within 1-2 business days.

Priority Registration

Students who are eligible for Priority Registration (PR) as an accommodation do not need to take any additional action to request PR. Your PR appts usually show up in BroncoDirect a day or two before PR begins.

If you have any questions or concerns about requesting your accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact DRC at drc@cpp.edu or (909) 869-3333. If you have any trouble receiving your accommodations from your instructors, please contact DRC so we can correct the situation as quickly as possible. We are here to help!