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September 2023

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Welcome to Fall 2023! 

Need a planner to stay organized? Come to the DRC Office to pick one up for free! 

Important Dates 

Last Day for Add/Drop is September 7th 

Withdrawal Period is from September 8th-21st 

FAFSA Application Opens October 1st 

Follow us on Instagram to see weekly updates! @cpp_drc or check out our DRC website regularly

Connect with Peers 

The DRC would like to spotlight its students who want to share their stories! 

Storytelling is a wonderful way to share experiences to allow others to understand the DRC student population and provides a space to break the negative stigma surrounding disabilities. 

If you are interested in having your story shared and be highlighted on our Instagram complete Student Spotlight Interest Form. 

The DRC is now a part of the Student Wellbeing and Support Cluster 

For more information check out the Student Wellbeing and Support website. 

How to Prepare for a Successful Academic Year 

Follow our checklist to help make sure you are ready to accomplish your goals this semester. 

  • Manage Stress 
  • Be on Time to Class 
  • Use a Planner 
  • Explore Campus 
  • Study with Peers
  • Set Realistic Goals 


Priority Registration is now Available for Student Parents 

Review the Parenting Student Support website for more information.

Neurodivergent Student Alliance is Holding their First Meeting Via Zoom 

Meeting September 8th from 1pm-2pm via Zoom 

Zoom link: https://cpp.zoom.uz/j/2651658958 

The DRC is Hiring Bronco Access Mentors 

Keep up to date with our Instagram to see more details 

Find Us At Campus Events 

Pictured: Lissa Bilau our DRC Access & Accommodations Analyst and Grace Nelson one of our DRC Front Desk Student Assistants at the Fall Conference Resource Fair Tabling Event! 

You're Invited! 

Rediscover Wellness Fair 

September 20th 


Bronco Commons 

May Newsletter 2023

  1. What’s New?
    1. Logo
    2. Cap & Gown from Care Center!
    3. Testing & Notetaking Coordinator
  2. April Recap
  3. Mental Health Awareness Month
  4. Important Dates
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Upcoming + Social Media
    2. Opt-in for DRC text reminders!
    3. Tips!

What's New?

It is important to have accessibility and representation on the forefront, which is why we are introducing our new Logo! The incorporations of colors surrounding the letters DRC came directly from the disability pride flags created by Ann McGill, which each color represents a different type of disability. Our new logo reflects being part of the CPP community with the integration of school colors as well as the importance of inclusivity and the importance of diversity of disabilities. Red stands for physical, Gold for neurodivergence, White for invisible & undiagnosed, blue for psychiatric, and green for sensory disabilities.

Cap & Gown Program

The Cap and Gown program was created to provide regalia to students who demonstrate financial need through unanticipated expenses and have no financial resources available to cover the cost of a cap and gown. Complete the form before the deadline: May 15th or until funds exhausted.

Meet Our New Testing and Notetaking Coordinator!

Alejandra Rodriguez

  • About: CPP Alumni and first-gen college student! Bachelor's in Business Management, currently enrolled for a Master's in Organizational Leadership
  • Loves: Local flea markets and pop-up markets to support small businesses. Enjoys reading and binge-watching tv series, and going on short trips to Disneyland
  • Favorite Spots on Campus: Starbucks & The Kellogg House

April Recap

  • Fraternity and Sorority Spring Fair – April 4th., 2023 & April 13th, 2023
  • Finals Prep & Boba Workshop – April 6th, 2023
  • New Student Admissions Tabling – April 15th, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 and aims to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness and the impact it has on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of each and every single individual.


Click the hyperlink logo on the left to access Mental Health First Aid's page to all mental health resources available to you.

May is National Mental Health month. May is National Mental Health Month / Youth.gov. (n.d.). Retrieved April 19, 2023.

Important Dates

Summer Session

  • 10-week session: May 31st-August 4th
  • 5-week session I: May 31st-June 30th
  • 5-week session II: July 6th-August 4th

Summer Finals

  • 10-week finals: August 7th-August 11th
  • 5-week session I: July 3rd-July5th
  • 5-week session II: August 7th-8th


  • Memorial Day: May 29th
  • Independence Day: July 4th


Upcoming Events (CAPS)

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Opt-In for Text Reminders!

Students can opt-in to get DRC text message reminders for appointments, scheduled test, and more. To opt-in follow the steps below.

  1. Log-in to myDRC.
  2. Click on SMS (Text Messaging), update preference.
  3. Specify your phone provider and type of reminders that you would like to receive.
  4. A confirmation text message will be sent to your phone.
  5. You can cancel Text Messaging (SMS) enrollment on the same page if you no longer want to receive text messages.

Finals Tips

Happy World Autism Awareness Month!

The Autism Society hosted one of its first nationwide awareness campaign called National Autistic Children’s Week in 1972, which subsequently evolved into the Autism Awareness Month recognized in April.

“it’s okay to be different.”

Newsletter Contents

  • Check this out!
    • Free Buttons and Bronco Access Mentors
  • Important Deadlines
    • Advising Period, Fall Class Registration Period, Withdrawal Deadline, DRC Finals Deadline
  • Miscellaneous
    • Free webinars, Tip of the Month, Social Media, DRC Spotlight

Check this out!

01. Free Buttons!

Head over to the DRC to receive free buttons of your choice made by Lissa Bilau, our lovely Access & Accommodations Analyst!

02. Bronco Access Mentors

Our mentors are here to equip you with the appropriate skills, such as time management, studying and notetaking skills, advising support, self regulation skills, and more, for your personalized academic success. Scan the QR Code to schedule an appointment!


  • Fall Priority Registration – April 10
  • Fall General Registration April 12
  • Withdraw from Spring classes due to a compelling reason – April 21
  • Spring 2023 DRC Finals Test Request Due – May 1
  • End of Fall Registration – June 06

DRC Reminder Deadlines

Schedule Testing Accommodations at least 5 days in advance!

  1. Visit the DRC Website
  2. Click on "DRC Online Services (myDRC)" on the left
  3. Click on "Alternative Testing" under "My Accommodations" on the bottom left
  4. Choose classes and submit "Alternative Testing Forms"
  5. For more information, please check-out our testing accommodations tutorial.

Don't forget to schedule your DRC Finals by May 1st!


Mindspring: Mental Health Alliance

Click here for all free webinars & events

  • April 11th: Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • April 12th: Understanding Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Understanding Cutting & Self- Harm
  • April 13th: Understanding Suicide
  • April 18th: Relationships, Family, and Mental Health
  • April 19th: Understanding Loneliness; Understanding Anxiety
  • April 20th: Understanding Personality Disorders
  • April 24th: Managing emotions through Connection
  • April 25th: The Science Behind Mental Health
  • April 26th: Self-Care & Wellbeing - Being a Better Person for Yourself and Others, Understanding Grief
  • April 27th: Empowering Loved Ones

Tip of the Month

Try the Feyman Technique!

  • Write the subject/concept on top of a sheet of paper
  • Explain topic in your own words as if you were teaching someone
  • Review what you wrote and identify any areas where you were wrong. Then, figure out the correct answer.
  • Simplify any complexities.

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