Disability Resource Center

Technology Resources

  • Kurzweil - Kurzweil 3000 text-to-speech software can help you read faster and improve your focus. You can use Kurzweil to read the web, including e-textbooks viewed through a browser. You can also open almost any electronic file type with Kurzweil 3000, including Word, PDF, HTML, EPUB, and many others. Review more information and how to create an account on the DRC Kurzweil Instructions page.
  • Windows Immersive Reader – a new way to read documents in Word, One Note, Outlook, and Edge. Includes text to speech, highlighted reading location, font type, size, and color. Unique options to read viewing syllables, color coded parts of speech, and screen masking. Learn how to use it for all applications. Included in Office 365 applications. All CPP students have access to Office 365 applications online or installed.
  • VitalSource Bookshelf– store to purchase and rent textbooks as ebooks; most books have text to speech, annotation, font type, size, color controls. Also can upload DRM free epubs and PDFs. frequently used for your Instant Access books; free app for Bookshelf for iOS, Bookshelf on Google Play, Bookshelf for Windows and Bookshelf for Mac.
  • Screen Mask Plus - Chrome extension that darkens part of the screen so that you can focus your reading on the line you want; free Screen Mask Plus on Chrome Store
  • Voice Dream Reader – Load PDF, Word Doc, PPT files, EPUBs, and web pages for text to speech that includes highlighted reading location, font type, size, color controls, and annotation. Paid app; approx. $10 for Reader on Google Play or $15 for Reader on iOS*
  • Voice Dream Scanner – use your phone camera to scan paper documents to listen to, or save as a PDF, plain text or save to Voice Dream Reader (see above). Paid app; approx. $6 for Scanner on Google Play or Scanner for iOS)*
  • Dolphin Easy Reader – reader for EPUBs including text to speech, highlighted reading location, font type, size, and color. Sync with public library accounts. Free Easy Reader for iOS and Easy Reader on Google Play for mobile; paid app for Dolphin Easy Reader for Windows, not available for Mac OS
  • Thorium – reader for EPUBS including text to speech, highlighted reading location, font type, size, and color. Free download for Windows and Mac available from Thorium’s website; no mobile app available

*The Voice Dream Reader and Scanner can be bundled with the Voice Dream Writer and additional voices in the Voice Dream Bundle iOS for approx. $22. No bundle available for Google Play.

If you are using an online book from a publisher, check out our Online Book Resources for helpful tips.

  • Note Taking Express - Submit audio recordings for professional notes returned. Pay as you go; select students are eligible for this from DRC
  • Evernote – Take typed notes on your computer or handwritten notes on tablet. Free version with limited storage and file size; Premium version available
  • Noteability – Notetaking app for phone or tablet that can sync audio recording with handwriting; Mac and iOS only; Paid app; approx. $15 frequently on sale for less than $10
  • AudioNote – Notetaking app for all devices; cost and features vary by device

  • Windows Magnifier - Built into Windows, Magnifier has many options for magnification including full screen, lens or docked; also works with touchscreen computers
  • Mac Zoom - Built into Mac OS, Zoom allows for increase/decrease magnification view, speaks items under the pointer
  • Claro MagX - Turns your mobile device into a powerful high definition visual magnifier. Can add color overlay, freeze mode by taping screen, save to photos (Free Claro MagX on iOS and Claro MagX on Google Play)
  • ZoomText - Available for Windows computers, has many options for zoom settings and color inversion; online ZoomText training available; ZoomText is $625 and ZoomText with text to speech is $875

This list will help students find software and apps to provide academic support. Not all items on the list are supported or provided by Cal Poly Pomona, but may be useful to students and therefore just recommendations.