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Civil Engineering

About Civil Engineering

Where Do Civil Engineers Work?

Civil engineers work in a variety of different settings and for a wide range of employers. Many civil engineers also choose to be self-employed. Some civil engineering jobs are primarily indoors, but many involve frequent visits to project sites during both the design and construction phases.

Public sector employers include various public agencies, such as city building and safety departments, county public works departments, water agencies, Caltrans, and many others.

Private sector employers include small, medium, and large companies that provide civil engineering services. Some are primarily design-oriented, while others focus on construction.

Employment Outlook

There is a very strong demand for civil engineers, especially in California, and not enough new graduates to meet this demand. Most recent graduates receive multiple job offers. Resources to find employment can be found here.

How to Become a Civil Engineer

The best way to pursue a career in civil engineering, is to obtain a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or construction engineering from an ABET accredited program, such as Cal Poly Pomona. Civil engineers also need to become licensed by the state in which the project is located.

Although there are many excellent civil engineering jobs for those who do not go beyond the bachelor's degree, pursuing a master's degree opens more professional opportunities. In some branches of civil engineering, a master's degree is nearly essential. Over the next ten to twenty years, a master's degree might become a requirement in order to become professionally licensed.