Civil Engineering

Student Activities


An excellent college education includes more than taking classes. Extracurricular student activities can enrich the college experience. The Cal Poly Pomona Civil Engineering Department places a strong emphasis on student clubs, competition teams, and organizations.

Student Clubs

Club Name: AGC CA CPP, Associated General Contractors of California, Cal Poly Pomona

Adviser(s): Ali Shafiee, Ph.D., P.E.


Club Name: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter (CPP ASCE)

Adviser(s): Seema Shah-Fairbank, Ph.D., P.E.; Kenneth Lamb, Ph.D., P.E.; Allan Ng, PLS


Description: The Cal Poly Pomona ASCE Student Chapter provides essential value to our members and partners, advances civil engineering and serves the public good by offering opportunities through competitions, industry exposure, leadership, professional development, networking, philanthropy, social events and scholarships.  We strive to work with all civil engineering clubs on campus to bring the civil engineering community together.

Club Name: CALGEO CPP, California Geotechnical Engineering Association of Cal Poly Pomona

Adviser(s): Dr. Mehrad Kamalzare, Ph.D., P.E.


Description: The California Geotechnical Engineering Association of Cal Poly Pomona is a student chapter offering civil engineering and construction students exposure and experience in geotechnical engineering. Our chapter hosts a variety of programs such as mentoring workshops, general meetings with industry professionals, and technical tours of various local projects. These programs help students at Cal Poly Pomona to develop the necessary skills and experience that will help them to succeed upon graduation.


Club Name: Construction Engineering Management Association

Adviser(s): Kenneth W. Lamb. P.E., Ph.D

Description: The Construction Engineering Management Association (CEMA) at CPP is the first student club focused on supporting construction technology and construction engineering students as well as connecting CPP student to the construction industry.  CEMA was founded by CPP students and we partner we other construction industry organizations such as the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA).  CEMA supports the students participating in the annual Associated Schools of Construction competition held in Reno, NV each year.  CEMA also supports all students interested in construction related careers by inviting industry representatives to campus for job interviews and professional development workshops.

Club Name: Chi Epsilon, The National Civil Engineering Honors Society

Adviser(s): Wen Cheng, P.D., P.E., T.E., PTOE

Description: Scholarship, Character, Practicality, Sociability. “Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession, Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in the civil engineering student.” -National Chi Epsilon Bylaws

Club Name:  California Land Surveyors Association

Adviser(s): Omar Mora, Ph.D., L.S.I.T.


Club Name: Cal Poly Pomona California student chapter of the Water Environment Association-American Water Works Association (CWEA-AWWA)

Adviser(s): Mónica Palomo, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE


Description: The California Water Environment Association – American Water Works Association is a society of students that are passionate about impact of society in nature, resource use & recovery, climate and environment, sustainability, economy and the work to be done in environmental engineering. For our club members to gain a better understanding of the complexity and variety of environmental engineering, we invite industry professionals to our meetings, we go on technical tours, we take part in numerous environmental engineering-based competitions, and we attend professional workshops to strengthen our skills. Our club is also a strong advocate of community service to build character and strengthen the unity of club members. Networking is also an important aspect of our club so that members may have a better opportunity to make valuable connections that will assist them in breaking through to the industry.


Club Name: DBIA, The Design Build Institution of America

Adviser(s): Jinsung Cho, Ph.D.


Description: As a nationally recognized organization, our Design Build Institution of America chapter of Cal Poly Pomona connects companies and students so that the students have an opportunity to learn about construction company projects, values, and internship positions. Our students’ majors range from Construction and Civil engineering, Architecture, and even more. We are eager to learn about how companies are implementing the Design-Build project delivery system. As a diverse mix of majors, anyone with an interest or curiosity in the Design-Build methodology in construction is welcomed.


Club Name: EERI CPP, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute of Cal Poly Pomona

Adviser(s): Felipe J. Perez, Ph.D.., P.E. and Mikhail Gershfeld, S.E.


Description: The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute of Cal Poly Pomona is a student-led organization that offers civil engineering and construction students an in-depth experience in earthquake and structural engineering. Our chapter hosts a variety of programs such as technical tours of off-campus facilities and construction sites, meetings with guest speakers, outreach events, and tutorial workshops. These programs help students at Cal Poly Pomona gain valuable skills and experience.

Club Name: ITE CPP, Institute of Transportation Engineers Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter

Adviser(s): Wen Cheng, Ph.D., P.E., T.E., PTOE and Yongping Zhang, Ph.D., P.E.


Description: The Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is dedicated to exposing Civil Engineering majors to potential careers in the field of Transportation Engineering. The club provides opportunities for its members to develop their knowledge of the related fields in Transportation by advocating attendance at professional ITE functions, providing professional guest speakers at general club meetings, and organizing trips to national and local ITE conferences. Through our hard work and dedication, we have developed strong networking contacts that continue to support us in all our endeavors. Cal Poly Pomona is a very reputable institution and we will continue to exemplify this reputation. We have paved the road for the successful future of ITE and hope to inspire other students to become involved in their futures by being involved in ITE.

Club Name: North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) Cal Poly Pomona Chapter

Adviser(s): Jinsung Cho, Ph.D.

URL: ,


The North American Society for Trenchless Technology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will strive to create invaluable opportunities for students to gain experience and exposure to industry professionals in the Construction and Civil Industries. NASTT will help advance student interests throughout the trenchless industry, underground construction, utility installation by providing opportunities through professional development, industry exposure, social events, and encouragement to compete in National competitions.


Club Name: SEACPP Structural Engineers Association of Cal Poly Pomona

Adviser(s): Felipe J. Perez, Ph.D.., P.E. and Giuseppe Lomiento, Ph.D.


Description: SEACPP takes pride in exposing young, passionate students to the world of structural engineering. The fundamental goal of SEACPP is to enable engineering students to contribute individually and collectively towards a professional and scholastic development. At our meetings, students are introduced to members in the structural engineering industry. Along with our meetings, field trips help students visualize where they might be working one day and get them excited about structural engineering.

Club Name: Women’s Transportation Seminar, Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter

Adviser(s): Yongping Zhang, Ph.D.., P.E.


Student Competition Teams

The AISC Steel Bridge Team challenges students to participate in a competition to design and fabricate a 1/10 scale steel bridge to sustain specific loading conditions and conform to several other strict requirements. In order to be competitive, a team must perform well in categories such as construction time, overall deflection, weight, and aesthetics. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Project Manager at

ASC (Associated Schools of Construction) Reno Competition is a professional association that creates an invaluable experience for students to compete among the top ten percent in their Construction Program. Student teams compete and present what they have prepared to professional experts. This competition promotes the students career development by encouraging expression of ideas and dealing real construction projects. There are normally six teams (Heavy Civil, Concrete Solution, Virtual Design Construction, Pre-construction, Commercial, and Design Build) competing for CPP. The student competition is held in February every year. 

Competition Website:

Contacts: Dr. Jeyoung Woo ( and Dr. Jinsung Cho (

The ASCE Concrete Canoe Team of Cal Poly Pomona designs and fabricates yearly a ∼20-ft long canoe made of lightweight concrete. The students efforts combine engineering excellence and racing techniques that culminate in regional and national competitions. The project gives young engineers real world experience in project management, computer aided design software, concrete mix design, stress analysis, fundraising, professional writing, and professional presentation skills. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Project Manager at

The goal of the ASCE GeoWall Competition Team is to design and build a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall model using paper reinforcements taped to a poster board wall facing. Our team members have the opportunity to learn about the design of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls from theoretical design to practical application. All class level students are invited to join! No previous experience is necessary. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Project Manager at

The EERI Seismic Design Competition Team participates in an annual international competition. The goal is to design, analyze, construct, and test a scaled multi-story sky scraper made from balsa wood to resist multiple earthquakes without collapse. Undergradute students at all levels are encouraged to participate.