Civil Engineering

Outcomes & Employment

Cal Poly Pomona has various ways of helping civil engineering students and employers connect with each other. We encourage all of our students to pursue civil engineering internships while they are pursuing their degree, and help facilitate opportunities to find full-time employment upon graduation.

Job Fairs

Various on-campus job fairs throughout the year are one way to gain publicity and to meet our students.

Campus-Wide Job Fairs

The Cal Poly Pomona Career Center sponsors various campus-wide job fairs throughout the year.

Hi-Tech Job Fair

The Cal Poly Pomona Career Center also sponsors the annual Hi-Tech Job Fair, which focuses on science and engineering.

Civil Engineering Job Fair

Our Chi Epsilon honor society sponsors an annual Civil Engineering Job Fair, typically in February. It is open to all civil engineering students, not only Chi Epsilon members. This job fair is an especially good opportunity for potential employers because it focuses only on civil engineering, and thus attracts larger numbers of students. The venue, which is in the engineering laboratories building, is very convenient and appropriate.

For information on the next Chi Epsilon Job Fair, please contact the civil engineering department office.

Posting Job Announcements

Job announcements may be posted electronically with the Cal Poly Career Center. The Civil Engineering Department also will post job announcements on our bulletin board and via e-mail to CE students. Or you can post them on our CE Alumni and Friends group on LinkedIn.

Gaining a Higher Profile

Many employers are more actively involved in the civil engineering department. This higher profile provides more opportunities to meet our students and to help them become more familiar with specific employers. Employers that support the civil engineering program are appropriately recognized, which makes their name and commitment to the program more visible to students and others. For further information, contact the civil engineering department office.