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Hosting a Micro-Internship

Regardless of your role, industry, or organization size, students and alumni from Cal Poly Pomona can help. If you want to expand your recruiting pool to access diverse talent with 21st-century skills and the grit to succeed, Micro-Internships make it easy. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your hiring efforts and lower the costs (and risks) associated with onboarding, no problem. If you just need some immediate help on projects because you or your team is overloaded, we’ve got you covered.


How It Works

Learn how to integrate Micro-Internships into your curriculum.


Initiate Bronco SERV partnership (only if you are not a registered partner on Bronco SERV)


Create your Parker Dewey Account. Click on Post a Micro-Internship.


Fill out your profile.


Post a Project


Viewing and approving an applicant.


Closing out the project.


Check out our employer guide to get started hosting micro-internships!

Steps for starting a micro-internship

Create a Parker Dewey Employer Account

Steps for Starting a Micro-Internship

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that enable Career Launchers to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build their networks. They can take place year-round, typically require 10 to 40 hours of work by the student, and are due within a few days to a few weeks.

A. Unlike traditional internships that are tied to the academic calendar, Micro-Internships can be used year-round to provide on-demand support for short-term projects (usually requiring a total of 10-40 hours of work). They can be performed remotely and require minimal oversight and commitment. Micro-Internships are utilized across industries and roles, as a precursor or alternative to traditional internships, and as skills-based hiring auditions.

A. Micro-Internships are comparable to those assignments typically given to new hires or summer interns — things like conducting market research, performing financial analysis, and assisting in lead generation. Companies partner with us to provide services across a variety of departments, industries, and organization sizes.

A. Micro-Internships can be either on-site or virtual, depending on the specific requirements of the project. 

A. Micro-Internships are not meant to replace traditional internship programs but rather complement and even supplement them. Due to their short-term nature, Micro-Internships can be used year-round to find on-demand project support while simultaneously allowing you to engage and evaluate potential talent.


Ready to Host a Micro-Internship?

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