University Police

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for the University Community. We provide these services fairly, with integrity, respect and in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards of our profession.

We do so by providing:

  • Continuously available 911 call reception, alarm monitoring, and communications services
  • Field patrol and problem solving response
  • Investigative and preventive activities
  • Emergency management planning and coordination
  • Crime prevention, community services and campus outreach
  • Partnership activities in furtherance of the goals of the campus community and the communities that surround us


The Cal Poly Pomona Police Department will continue to improve its procedures, policies and practices. The department will hire the best qualified personnel with a focus on selecting employees that understand the public safety needs of the campus community. Its equipment and facilities and training programs will meet or exceed the standards of practice in the field of public safety. On a daily basis the department will earn the trust and support of the community it serves through the passion, dedication and effective actions of its employees.