Provost's Award for Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities

Scholarly and Creative Activities Criteria Considered

All scholarly and creative activities are appropriate. "Scholarly activities" shall be defined as those that create and/or advance existing knowledge through systematic investigation and acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as public dissemination of novel knowledge through peer-reviewed publications and/or patents. Scholarly activities may involve basic, applied, or pedagogical research. "Creative activities" shall be defined as original contributions in the fine, performing, literary, graphic, and digital arts.


Applications will be evaluated with respect to the following:

  1. Research, scholarly, and/or creative accomplishments which may include:
    1. Peer-reviewed publications  juried presentations, or performances in refereed media
    2. Other publications (books, chapters, articles), presentations, or performances in peer-recognized forums
    3. Published teaching cases and/or instructional materials
    4. Software developed for pedagogic or applied purposes
    5. Patent
  2. Overall impact/usefulness of the research, scholarly, or creative activity which may include:
    1. Helping to improve the human condition and quality of life
    2. Sustained and/or significant contributions to knowledge, practice, or pedagogy
    3. Wide peer recognition (national and/ or international) of the work as substantial, seminal, and scholarly
    4. Demonstrated innovation
  3. Importance to Cal Poly Pomona which may include:
    1. Enhanced status of Cal Poly Pomona or its academic units
    2. Significant grants and/or contracts, and/or fellowships received
    3. Mentoring and facilitating the research, scholarly and/or creative activities of other faculty, staff, and/or students
    4. Curriculum development and innovation in ways that are important to the discipline, industry, and/or practice

Required Materials

The Committee for the Provost’s Award for Excellence shall request all nominees to provide the following:

  • Personal statement about your research, scholarly, and creative activities (two (2) pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins)
  • A curriculum vitae on the approved form; no other version of the cv will be considered.
  • A list of relevant publications, patents, presentations, performances, etc
  • Three letters from individuals who are recognized in the nominee’s field of study, including two who are not employed by Cal Poly Pomona.  These must be on letterhead and signed or they will not be considered.  Click here for the Letter of Support form.
  • Up to three letters from current or former students, faculty, or staff who can provide evidence of the importance to Cal Poly Pomona of the nominee’s work.  Letters from faculty and staff must be on letterhead, students’ letters must include Bronco ID Number, and all letters must be signed or they will not be considered.

 All materials must be submitted by the deadline and must conform to the guidelines above.  Materials that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.