Professional Spotlight

A Career-focused Opportunity to Connect and Reflect

RAMP hosts its Professional Spotlight event each semester featuring a different speaker each term. The goal of the Professional Spotlight is for attendees to leave feeling motivated to pursue new ideas and seek out new opportunities and relationships that will help them succeed at Cal Poly Pomona and beyond. The speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields. Each speaker has a unique message and advice to offer to event attendees. Many of the recent speakers were also low-income students and first-generation college students, sharing similar backgrounds with RAMP participants and understanding the challenges and obstacles that many RAMP participants face.

Spring 2021 Professional Spotlight video featuring Dr. Felicia "Friendly" Thomas (Youtube):

Fall 2020 Professional Spotlight video featurng Jennifer Brenes, MSW (YouTube):

Winter 2017 Professional Spotlight video featuring Dr. Alvaro Huerta (YouTube):