Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Students Plant Forage for Planned Apiary

Published Date: Feb 2, 2018 1:41:00 PM

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The Huntley College of Agriculture’s budding bee-keeping operation recently got a big boost.

Students from lecturer Tracey Takeuchi’s Plant Science 131 class planted forage that will help feed bees in a planned apiary in the field behind Parking Lot M.

The forage planted included bee balm, black-eyed Susans, purple coneflowers, dianthus, hummingbird mint, lavender, sea lavender, and Shasta daisy from the Plant Science Nursery at AGRIscapes.

Animal and veterinary science lecturer Mark Haag, who is overseeing the college’s beekeeping operations and teaches a bee science class, installed the irrigation system in the field, which was recently cleared of overgrown brush and grass.

Haag plans to refurbish an old plant science lab nearby to serve as an outdoor education center associated with the apiary. Several companies and beekeeping groups have donated funds or materials toward the apiary and center.

Haag organized a public workshop for aspiring and current beekeepers last Nov. 11 at AGRIscapes. Another one is scheduled for March 31. Eventually, Haag hopes to offer a course through the College of the Extended University.