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Students Present Research Findings

Published Date: Jun 4, 2019 10:15:00 AM

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The Huntley College of Agriculture held its Student Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference Showcase on April 23 at Cowboy Corner outside Building 2.

Forty-seven students participated in the showcase, presenting 23 different projects – 17 by undergraduates and six by graduate students.

Of the undergraduate projects, seven were apparel merchandising and management, six were from animal science, three from food science and technology, and one from agribusiness and food industry management.

Of the graduate projects, three were from students in the nutrition and food science subplan, two from the animal science option, and one from the plant science option.

Five of the presentations were about projects sponsored by the CSU Agricultural Research Institute, while eight presentations were course-based projects. Ten presentations were independent research or scholarly work.

Attendee voted on the most popular poster presentations. Students with the top three poster presentations were:

  • Timothy Rice, an agribusiness and food Industry management major under the supervision of Assistant Professor Steven Archambault, with a physical model display titled “ Commercializing Aquaponics: What Will It Take?”
  • Izabella Latrach and Dana Pineda with co-authors Jonathan Caballero, Alison Lee, Larissa Sharp from the apparel merchandising and management major, with a course project titled “Ideal Natural Fabric for Reusable Diapers.” Assistant Professor Jiangning Che was their advisor.
  • Karina Quiroz and Nora Rodriguez from the animal science major under the supervision of Professor Shelton Murinda, with a poster titled “Determination of the Water Quality of a Constructed Wetland Monitoring Fecal Indicator Bacteria.”

Cord Brundage, an assistant professor in animal science, and Che received the “Research Advisor” and “Course Instructor” awards, respectively, for their engagement efforts with most student submissions under the research work and course project categories.