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Mario Guerrero named Faculty Fellow for the Office of Undergraduate Research

Professor Mario Guerrero wins prestigious fellowshipCongratulations to Mario Guerrero who has been named the 2018-2019 Faculty Fellow for the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Guerrero is strongly committed to the pursuit of undergraduate research at Cal Poly Pomona. Since arriving at Cal Poly Pomona, he has personally advised over 200 senior thesis projects. This includes the advisement and mentoring of over 200 undergraduate students completing a 30-to-40 page original research project as part of the department's senior capstone program. In addition, last year, Guerrero served as the Chair for the Undergraduate Research Faculty Advisory Committee, a faculty mentor for the Kellogg's Discovery Fellows Program, and McNair Scholars Program.

Guerrero's research is committed to investigating the intersection of new media and digital technology in politics. He has held leadership positions in the American Political Science Association and Western Political Science Association. Congratulations to Dr. Guerrero! Read more about his role in the Office of Undergraduate Research here.