College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

The Undergraduate Journal of Political Science publishes its third volume

Nine students are selected to showcase their work in the college's only published undergraduate research journal

Congratulations to the high-acheiving students of the department who have published their work in our third iteration of our undergraduate research journal. 

The Department of Political Science hosts, edits, and publishes its own undergraduate research journal. Students from all around the campus are invited to submit their research papers for inclusion in the year-end volume that encapsulates the best work related to politics. Some of these published papers are full-fledged research projects, but the journal also accepts submissions for papers written for classes. 

This year, the journal was advised by Dr. Neil Chaturvedi and Kristin Khair served as the student editor-in-chief, while Jayne Pojawa served as Production Designer.

This issue features the following articles:

  • “Wildlife Trafficking” by Joshua Ebiner,
  • “Fighting Corruption” by Thomas Genova,
  • “Ethnic Conflict” by Laura Yeghiazaryan,
  • “Black Public Identity” by Tristen Marler,
  • “Immigration: States Vs. Feds” by Ingrid Flores,
  • “Civil Liberties on Campus” by Trevor Samaha,
  • “Title IX: Dear Colleague” by Athenamarie Garcia-Gunn,
  • “Title IX: Michigan State” by Gustavo Callejas, and
  • “The Supreme Court: Are Lawyers Necessary?” by Kristen Khair

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