College of the Extended University

The Process

  1. The faculty member writes an invitation letter to the prospective visiting scholar. Link to sample letter below
  2. When the prospective visiting scholar has accepted the invitation, the CPP faculty member completes the J-1 Scholar Invitation Request Form
  3. The prospective visiting scholar completes the Exchange Visitor Information Form
  4. Both completed forms and a copy of the invitiation letter are submitted to the International Student and Scholar Services Coordinator along with:
    • The resume or CV of the visiting scholar
    • A copy of the visiting scholar’s passport picture page (their spouse and child’s passport picture page, if applicable)
    • Proof of Financial Support for the duration of the visit for all members
  5. Once the Coordinator for International Student & Scholar Services receives the required documents, the Coordinator will issue a DS2019. This is the document the Exchange Visitor needs to obtain a J-1 Visa and enter the USA. The visiting scholar is required to report to the Coordinator within 10 days after arrival in the USA. 
  6. The CPP faculty member is notified when the document is ready to be mailed to the visiting scholar.
  7. The scholar can make an appointment with a US Consulate to obtain a visa.

The International Center is a partner with faculty to invite international scholars to Cal Poly Pomona.  If you need any additional information please contact Kelly McCullen, Coordinator for International Student & Scholar Services at (909) 869-2036 or by e-mail at 

Please note that in recent years, housing and transportation have become increasingly difficult to secure for visiting scholars who do not choose or cannot afford to stay at Kellogg West. While the International Center can provide options, the host faculty should be prepared to think creatively about how best to support and assist the exchange visitor.

On the 6th October 2014, the US Department of State issued a final rule that would make a number of changes to the way the J1 Visa program is run, and as part of that the levels of insurance coverage were changed to:

•Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness

•Repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000

•Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of exchange visitors to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000

•Deductibles not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

The insurance policy provided by JCB Insurance Solutions meets the requirement and must be purchased by all exchange visitors.