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22 Cal Poly Pomona Students Co-Author Paper with Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty

The article entitled "Metabolism and Biodegradation of Spacecraft Cleaning Reagents by Strains of Spacecraft-Associated Acinetobacter" was recently published in the journal Astrobiology. This work, under the guidance of Dr. Rakesh Mogul and Dr. Gregory Barding of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, involved 22 student co-authors from Cal Poly Pomona-17 from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and 5 from Biological Sciences. The paper explores how cleaning reagents used in spacecraft assembly facilities may support the existence of microbial communities, an important factor in preventing biological contamination in future life-detecting missions in our solar system. 

2018 Goldstein Distinguished Student Research Awards Announced

After a competitive selection process, Timothy Siu (undergraduate) and Nathan Wagner (graduate) have each won a $2,000 Goldstein Student Research Award. This award recognizes outstanding research conducted by students. Both Tim and Nate conduct research with Dr. Alex John, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry. In addition, several students received an honorable mention award for their work including Christine Navarro, Stephanie Mora Garcia, Tiffany Lopez, Sevan Menachekanian, and Sylvia Speights. Congratulations to all of our students on their accomplishments! 

CPP Crystallography Co-Op Grand Opening 

CPPCCFebruary 15th, 2018, hailed the grand opening of the Cal Poly Pomona Crystallography Co-Op. This facility houses a Bruker D8 Venture diffractometer that will be used by faculty and students for both research and instructional purposes. Acquisiton of this advanced instrumentation was made possible by a Department of Defense grant ($599,077) to Dr. Chantal Stieber (Pl) and her collaborators Dr. Kathryn McCulloch, Dr. Alex John, Dr. Bohdan Schatschneider and Dr. Hector Mireles. The facility, which is housed in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, is a result of the vision of Dr. Chantal Stieber, Assistant Professor. For more news and information please see the links listed here.


Dr. Page and Dr. Barding Publish Chemical Education Scholarship

Dr. Michael Page and Dr. Gregory Barding, along with former Cal Poly Pomona students Maritza Silva and Patrick Escott, published their paper entitled 
"The effect of Teaching the Entire Academic Year of High School Chemistry Utilizing Abstract Reasoning" in Chemistry Education and Research Practice. Work for this publication was done in two high school classrooms in our local Pomona Unified School District. Congratulations to the team for helping to improve teaching practice in the high school classroom!

Dr. Michael Page Receives Honor
The Black Faculty and Staff Association has chosen Dr. Michael Page, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as a Diversity Champion for his support of students to bring awareness of issues to the campus community. He will be honored at a special luncheon on February 15, 2018. Congratulations to Dr. Page for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of the students 

2018 Chevy Goldstein Distinguished Lecture

This year's lecture will be on Friday, April 6th from 12:00-2:00pm and will feature Dr. Paul Weiss, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA.

Dr. Corcoran Publishes Paper

Congratulations to Dr. Timothy Corcoran on the publication of his paper entitled "Compressive Detection of Highly Overlapped Spectra Using Walsh-Hadamard-Based Filter Functions" in Applied Spectroscopy.

Dr. Mogul Publishes Paper

Dr. Rakesh Mogul and his group of collaborators, along with some of our own CPP students, published the paper "Microbial Community and Biochemical Dynamics of Biological Soil Crusts Across a Gradient of Surface Coverage in the Central Mojave Desert" in the highly ranked microbiology journal Frontiers of Microbiology. Dr. Mogul's work entails the study of the biochemical strategies used by microbes growing at extreme conditions and has applications to understanding life evolving during climate change. Congratulations Dr. Mogul!

  American American Chemical Society ACSChemical Society Approves Chemistry Program through 2022

  The American Chemical Society has recommended continued approval for our baccalaureate chemistry program!

 Approved programs must meet the standards set forth by the ACS to ensure they offer a rigorous and well rounded educational experience that develops students into practicing scientific professionals.

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