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Dr. Corcoran Publishes Paper

Congratulations to Dr. Timothy Corcoran on the publication of his paper entitled "Compressive Detection of Highly Overlapped Spectra Using Walsh-Hadamard-Based Filter Functions" in Applied Spectroscopy.

Organic Chemistry Faculty Search (Update 11/22/2017)

The committee has scheduled campus visits for all the finalists.   The position will remain open until filled.


Dr. Mogul Publishes Paper

Dr. Rakesh Mogul and his group of collaborators, along with some of our own CPP students, published the paper "Microbial Community and Biochemical Dynamics of Biological Soil Crusts Across a Gradient of Surface Coverage in the Central Mojave Desert" in the highly ranked microbiology journal Frontiers of Microbiology. Dr. Mogul's work entails the study of the biochemical strategies used by microbes growing at extreme conditions and has applications to understanding life evolving during climate change. Congratulations Dr. Mogul!


  American American Chemical Society ACSChemical Society Approves Chemistry Program through 2022

  The American Chemical Society has recommended continued approval for our baccalaureate chemistry program!

 Approved programs must meet the standards set forth by the ACS to ensure they offer a rigorous and well rounded educational experience that develops students into practicing scientific professionals.

Department of Defense Grant ($600K) Awarded to Dr. Stieber and Colleagues

The DOD has awarded Dr. Chantal Stieber (along with her co-PIs Dr. Kathryn McCulloch, Dr. Alex John, Dr. Bohdan Schatschneider, and Dr. Hector Mireles) $600K for the purchase of a single crystal X-ray diffractometer.  This instrument will be used for research and teaching and will be housed in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.   The instrument is tentatively scheduled to arrive in December 2017.  Congratulations to the team for a major successful instrument acquisition!

SPICE Grants Awarded to Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty

  • Dr. Chantal Stieber and Dr. Kathryn McCulloch are recipients of a SPICE Classroom Modernization Award for $24K.  This will be used to purchase supplemental equipment and supplies to support the single crystal XRD.  
  • Dr. Yan Liu and Dr. Greg Barding are recipients of a SPICE Classroom Modernization Award for $25K.  This will be used with matching funds from our long time donor, Mrs. Hildegard Weck to purchase a new HPLC.
  • Dr. Laurie Starkey received a SPICE Innovative Approaches for Instruction Award for $3800.  This will allow her to create a problem-based learning repository for CHM 314.

Chemistry Undergraduate Named President’s Council Scholar for 2017-18

Justin Tabay Cortez was just awarded a prestigious honor, being named one of the President’s Council Scholars for 2017-18.  Recipients are selected based on high academic achievement and community involvement and receive a $3,000 scholarship.  Congratulations to Justin!

Dr. John Publishes Paper  

Dr. Alex John, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, is an author on the paper entitled "Selective Decarbonylation of Fatty Acid Esters to Linear α-Olefins” that was published in the August 3 edition of Organometallics.  The full article can be found at    

Congratulations to Dr. John!!

 Faculty Searches Approved

 The department is recruiting for two organic chemistry faculty members at the Assistant rank to begin in Fall 2018.  Please see for the job description and information on how to apply.


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