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Tenure-Track Faculty Search Commences

The department is recruiting for two tenure-track faculty positions in organic chemistry that will start in Fall 2019. The position description and application information can be found here. 

Dr. Stieber Publishes Paper

Dr. Chantal Stieber along with two undergraduate chemistry majors, Carlos Yamamoto and Zijie Zhang, published a new crystal structure using our new XRD in the Crystallography Co-op. The paper, entitled "Crystal Structure of (n4-cyclo-octadiene)(3,3'-dimesityl-1,1'-methylenedimidazone-2,2'-diylidene)nickel (0) tetrahydrofuran mono solvate", appears in Acta Crystallographica Section E(see Congratulations on your publication!

bardingDr. Barding Receives Award

Congratulations to Dr. Greg Barding (Chemistry and Biochemistry, co PI), Dr. Mohammad Chaichi (Plant Sciences, co-PI). Dr. Cord Brundage (Animal and Veterinary Sciences, co-PI), and Dr. Ondieki Gekara (Animal and Veterinary Sciences, PI) who received a $150K grant award from the USDA NIFA-NLGCA program for "Enhancing Research Skills of Underrepresented Students: Summer Research Experience"

Dr. Yan Liu Receives Grant Award

Dr. Yan Liu (Co-PI from Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Dr. Wei-jen Lin (Co-PI from Biological Sciences) and Dr. Olive Yi (PI from Human Nutrition and Food Science) received a $45K Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) grant entitled "Determination of utilizing naringin extracted from orange pomace as an antimicrobial in active packaging films against Listeria monocytogenes"

Dr. Yan Liu Publishes Paper

Congratulations to Dr. Liu on his recent publication with colleagues entitled "N-doped graphene-based copper nanocomposite with ultralowelectrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity" in the journal Scientific Reports

Dr. Page's Work Receives Recognition 

For some students, using proportional reasoning (abstract reasoning. AR) has been shown to be successful in developing their understanding of topics like stoichiometry. A traditional approach to teaching stoichiometry often involves using dimensional analysis (concrete reasoning, CR). A study, led by Dr. Michael Page, supports the efficacy of proportional reasoning to teach stoichiometry and has garnered international recognition in the Royal Society of Chemistry's publication, Education in Chemistry (July 30)

NSF RUI Awarded to Dr. Alex John 

ajohnDr. Alex John was just awarded a $240,000 NSF RUI, for his proposal entitled "Evaluation of Ligand Effects in Molybdenum Catalyzed Deoxydehydration Reaction." Dr. John's lab is interested in development of cost-effective metal catalysts that remove adjacent hydroxyl groups from organic substrates to form a carbon-carbon double bond. Congratulations to Dr. John! 

Dr. John Publishes Paper

Dr. Alex John and his colleagues recently published the paper entitled "Dual-catalytic decarbonylation of fatty acid methyl esters to form olefins" in the journal Chemical Communications (see DOI: 10.1039/C8CC03823F). Congratulations to Dr. John!



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