College of Science

Doug Johnson receives Provost's Staff Member of the Year Award

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson, who has been with the Department of Physics and Astronomy for more than 35 years, has been awarded the Provost's Staff Member of the Year award. Doug received his award during Fall conference.

Doug has worked in the Physics stock rooms well over three decades. Whenever you need a lecture demonstration, Doug is there to help. Whenever you need a solution with respect to teaching, or a research project, Doug has a large bag of tricks to help you find a solution. 

Here are some quotes about Doug's achivements higlighted in the recent Polycentric article:

"His “Physics Magic Shows,” an annual tradition for more than 20 years, introduce students to principles such as electromagnetism, conservation of energy and resonance with demonstrations that use high-voltage devices, glowing gases, bicycle wheels and glass-shattering sound waves."

“He’s an incredibly hard worker and he always puts students first. In a way, he’s almost a joint instructor,” says Brian Jersky, dean of the College of Science. “His passion is educating the students. He’s a tower of strength to the faculty, staff and students in the physics department and across the college, and he’s a truly nice person as well.”

“Doug is extremely trustworthy and he always goes out of his way to help people here,” Physics and Astronomy Department Chair Steve McCauley says. “He’s an inspiration to many people here in the department.”