Accounting Department

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as a regional leader in experiential accounting education through an inclusive pedagogy that transforms lives, organizations, and societies.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance theoretical and practical accounting knowledge through inclusive teaching, innovative research, and experiential practice in our diverse community. We strive to cultivate lifelong learning by offering high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs with a technological emphasis. We lead our students in developing cutting-edge skills to make informed decisions, uphold ethical standards, thrive in their careers, and contribute to society.

Academic Integrity

The Accounting Department is committed to ensuring that students in our program are held to a high standard of academic integrity. Scandals within the accounting profession have shown how a lack of integrity can damage society as well as professional and personal lives. Each student should read the Academic Integrity section in the University Catalog. Incidences of academic dishonesty in any accounting course will be reported to the Director of Judicial Affairs.

Honor Code

The Accounting Department faculty have adopted an Honor Code, a set of rules and expectations regarding honesty, respect for others, honorable behavior, appropriate classroom environment and responsible use of technology. Sometimes, instructors will ask their students to sign the Accounting Department Honor Code form before they take their class. You may access this form on our website.

Accounting Program

The Accounting Department provides an education for students who wish to be business leaders with a thorough knowledge of the fundamental accounting concepts and a strong background in data analysis, problem-solving, and business communication in a diverse environment. Organizations of every size need accounting professionals who can measure economic events, process data, interpret and communicate the results, and help management to use their reports to evaluate the overall performance of their organizations and decide how to allocate resources. Students may specialize in a specific career field by selecting courses that will further prepare them for their chosen career (Career Emphasis).
The total course/unit requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with an option in accounting is 116 semester units.

Freshmen should follow the Degree Curriculum Sheet for the year they began taking courses in the accounting option at Cal Poly Pomona.
Transfer students can use the same curriculum sheet, but should cross off any courses that had been transferred for credit.  Look in the BroncoDirect “Transfer Credit Report” to make sure your classes were transferred correctly. Additional help is available from the
Student Success Center.

Accounting Program Objectives:

Our Accounting Program at Cal Poly Pomona is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of accounting, supported by an understanding of related disciplines such as computer information systems, business law, economics, finance, business management, and marketing. To receive their degree, students will need to successfully complete the Accounting Core Courses including Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Auditing Theory, Introductory Taxation, and Accounting Information Systems. Our students are also provided with the opportunity to select from the advanced Accounting courses that will teach them the essential concepts and foundations necessary to further specialize in professional careers in public accounting, private accounting, taxation, government and not-for-profit accounting.

The accounting courses are taught in the framework of modern business complexity by combining theory with practice utilizing the latest available technology so that the students can develop their accounting and business skills in a realistic environment and learn the wide range of ways in which accountants operate and manage real-world organizations.

Accounting Program Learning Outcomes:

The Accounting Program at Cal Poly Pomona is expected to foster the following outcomes in our graduates:

  1. Technical accounting knowledge
  2. Business writing skills
  3. Oral communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Analytical skills required for making business decisions
  5. Ability to use latest technology
  6. Strong ethical and value judgment