Clarence H. Jackman Accounting Internship Program

The Clarence H. Jackman Accounting Internship Program is designed to provide practical, on-the-job training for the accounting major. Internship positions are paid on a competitive basis for the service provided.

Steps to participate in the internship program:

  • Carefully read the information in the internship packet (see link below). Call, email or visit the internship director if you have questions or need more information.
  • Complete and sign the internship application form included in the packet.
  • Submit your internship application (including the required resume and grade sheet) to the internship director. This can be done in person or by putting the application in the drop box on the second floor of Building 164.
  • Obtain an internship position through: 1) on-campus interviews arranged by the internship director, 2) internship positions posted to the department website, or 3) student-arranged interviews.
  • Complete the “Request To Register for Internship Courses” form included in the packet. Submit the form to the internship director.
  • Once your internship is approved, you will receive an email confirming the approval. The “Requirements to Obtain Internship Credit” and employer packet can be picked up from the Accounting Department Office (164-2064).
  • Complete all items in the “Requirements to Obtain Internship Credit” packet and submit them to the internship director.

Dr. Magdy Farag, Internship Director

2023-2024 Internship Packet (PDF)

Do you have an internship position?

If you would like to offer internship positions to our accounting students, please fill out the form below to let the Accounting Department know about your opportunity.