Computer Information Systems

Centers and Symposium

California Center for Cyber Risk

The California Center for Cyber Risk is the focal point for Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Activities at Cal Poly Pomona. Through innovative educational programs, the center works to develop students for future careers in cyber security. As an interdisciplinary program with Computer Science, the center offers:

  • Cutting edge, undergraduate cyber defense curriculum.
  • Collaboration with the Mitchell C. Hill Center for Digital Innovation to give students live cyber security experience with cloud computing.
  • Opportunities to train with an exceptional Cyber Defense team.
  • Partnerships with industry to explore research projects, student projects and internships.
  • Lively student clubs related to infrastructure, security and forensics.

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Mitchell C. Hill Center for Digital Innovation

Provide a unique, student-run, high technology center where great ideas, diversity and learning through experimentation are highly valued.  Provide competition support to the cyber education community, research support to faculty and interesting projects for CPP students. Engage industry partners in experimental projects.

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Wireless Telecommunication Symposium

The mission of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona is the advancement of learning and knowledge by linking theory and practice. In keeping with this mission and recognizing the multi-faceted and interdisciplinary nature of mobile communications and wireless networking, since its founding in 2002 the objective of the Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS) has been to foster the exchange of information among industry, government and the academic community relating to advances in wireless communications technology, management, policy, applications, and security. In its almost twenty years of existence WTS has evolved from a half-day student-led, on-campus, university event to a prestigious, multi-day, international conference featuring some of the most respected executives and government officials in the wireless communications industry as well as applied researchers whose papers are later published and distributed globally. Changes to WTS from one year to the next have been made incrementally. Throughout its evolution, a strong interdisciplinary program, respected speakers, enjoyable social events, attractive and accessible conference sites, and student participation have remained at its core.

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