Semester Minor Courses

For non-business majors, the following prerequisite courses are also required—in addition to the required minor courses.

Prerequisites (9 units)

STA 1200 - Statistics with Applications (3)

STA 1200 Statistics with Applications (3) Sample and population data; descriptive statistics, including numerical and graphical summarization of central tendency and spread; elementary probability, including events, basic probability rules, binomial and normal distributions; inferential statistics, including confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for one-population mean and proportion problems, simple linear regression and correlation.

Prerequisites: Within the last THREE quarters, must have either achieved a minimum placement score on the appropriate MDPT or C or better in MAT 12, or MAT 105, or MAT 106, or MAT 125, or MAT 191; or, within the last year must have earned 50 or better on the ELM; or, within the last 18 months must have earned either 550 or better on the SAT or 23 or better on the ACT.

CIS - 1010 - Introduction to Personal Computing (3)

Introduction to fundamental computer concepts and personal computing software through classroom and self-directed learning supported by interactive online learning environment. T opics include: Windows environment, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and computer concepts.

Prerequisites: None

CIS 3100 - Management Information Systems (3)

Management and development of information systems in modern businesses from the customer and MIS perspective. Information as a strategic asset. Acquisition, analysis, integration, presentation of internal and external information. Information management in international and multinational enterprises. Ethical, social impacts.

Prerequisites: ACC 2070; Personal Computer Proficiency or CIS 1010

CIS Minor (12 units)

CIS 2670 - IT Infastructure (3)

This course explores IT infrastructure and its role in supporting and empowering organizations. Topics include telecommunications, service delivery, service level management, security, privacy, identity management, ethics and contemporary methodologies for managing IT infrastructure.

PPrerequisites: (CIS 1010 or Personal Computer Proficiency) AND (a minimum of C or better in MAT 1250, or MAT 0120, or MAT 1050, or MAT 1060, or MAT 1910, or STA 1200, OR Within the last two terms, students must have achieved either a minimum placement score on the appropriate MDPT)

CIS 3050 - Database Design and Development (3)

Conceptual modeling, database design and implementation. Database inquiry and data analysis using a nonprocedural programming language. Entity/Relationship diagrams, normalized database schema, structured query language. Distributed databases with integrity and security issues. Client server computing.

Prerequisites: CIS 1010 or Personal Computer Proficiency

CIS 3090 - Object-oriented Programming for Business (3)

Computer programming for business information systems. Object-oriented programming concepts, Java language, graphics, file operations, and Integrated Development Environment. Business application projects.

Prerequisites: CIS 1010 or Personal Computer Proficiency, and a minimum grade of C (2.0) in STA 1200

CIS 3252 - Business Intelligence (3)

Strategic value of information, data acquisition, data compliance and security, data sharing, data visualization, business intelligence, data reporting, digital dashboards. Using data modeling for decision making, data analytics, proprietary and nonproprietary software. Industry cases in marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resources. Future trends of business intelligence. Ethical and Privacy Issues.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C (2.0) in CIS 3050 and TOM3020

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