Computer Information Systems

Articulation/Permission Number Policy

There are two separate cases when a permission number is granted to a student through the department: 

  1. Students shall wait until the last week of the regular registration period because available seats shall be reserved for those who have the prerequisites first.  To overwrite a prerequisite, students shall email the instructor teaching the class for approval. 
  2. If a student has completed a prerequisite for a class but is denied registration, a copy of the transcript or a screenshot of the student record from Broncodirect shall be sent by the student to the instructor teaching the course as proof for approval. To obtain a permission number, follow the procedure stated above. Note that In-progress courses from other schools are not accepted as proof of prerequisites.
At the appropriate time, the instructor shall verify if the permission number is being used by the student to whom it is issued. Transferring a permission number to another student is considered unethical and both students will be reported to Judicial Affairs
Note: If the student intends to articulate a course taken from another school to be a prerequisite, the student shall first verify if the course is listed in the articulation agreements on the ASSIST website. If the course is listed, the student shall contact the Student Success Center to file a petition. If the course is not listed, the student shall email the syllabus of the course to be articulated to the Department Chair - (Dr. Hwang) for approval. Upon approval, the student shall also contact the Student Success Center to file a petition. This process normally takes time and the students are advised to start it as early as possible.