Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program

Curriculum Overview

The MS in Digital Marketing offers a 1 or 2 year cohort program with 34 units. The year-round program will include classes in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. This program is designed for students and business professionals who want to be equipped with knowledge in marketing data science and analytics to inform marketing strategic planning and execution processes critical in the digital economy. 

Graduates from this program will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in both digital marketing execution and data science tailored to marketing decision-making. Specific skills and topics include R/Python, Salesforce/Hubspot, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online consumer psychology and behavior, e-retailing, database marketing, market forecasting, choice modeling, social media listening, and machine learning. The program will focus on concepts and applications of data-informed marketing strategy and execution in the digitized economy.

The table below shows how the 14 courses offered under one-year completion plan will help students obtain program learning outcomes (core skills). Note that each course offers more than one core skill; thus, the following association of each course with a certain core skills is just illustrative. For example, Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategy I and II will foster all four core skills.

Core Skills Fall Spring Summer

Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing (IBM 6010)

Search Engine Marketing (IBM 6100)
Database Marketing (IBM 6150)

Text Analysis for Digital Marketing (IBM 6600)

Marketing Analytics

Foundations of Customer Analytics (IBM 6510)

   Market Forecasting (IBM 6520)
Marketing Analytics (IBM 6530)

Marketing Data Science (IBM 6540)

Consumer Psychology & Behavior

Online Consumer Psychology and Behaviors (IBM 6200)

   Current Issues in Digital Marketing (IBM 6400)

Retailing in Digital Economy (IBM 6300)

Actionable Recommendations & Communications

Customer Insight Methods and Survey Research (IBM 6500)

 Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy I (IBM 6800)

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy II (IBM 6950)