Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program

Purpose and Scope of the Master of Science in Digital Marketing

The purpose of the program is to deliver a graduate-level experiential learning marketing program that aligns with Cal Poly Pomona's strategic initiative of promoting integrative learning, discovery, and creativity. 

This program is intended to produce marketing managers and marketing data scientists and analysts who will have the necessary skills to lead in the increasingly digital economy. The digital economy is revolutionizing the way companies market their products and services and how market research is conducted to gather data about consumers and generate insights. 

Graduates will be able to effectively analyze customer data and synthesize it into an effective data-informed digital marketing strategy. Graduates of this program will be able to gather and analyze massive customer data generated from companies' digital operations and marketing programs. By doing so, they can generate insights about consumers, create digital marketing programs (email, social media, mobile marketing, search engine marketing), and measure the effectiveness of the programs, based on their understanding of consumer psychology, behaviors, and knowledge in marketing channels (online and brick and mortar). 

Accordingly, the program balances the graduates' digital marketing implementation skills with modern data analytic skills beyond traditional primary data collection methods. 

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates from the Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program will be able to: 

  • PLO 1: Plan and execute an effective digital marketing program.
  • PLO 2: Explain the role of online consumer psychology and behaviors in generating insights from data or designing digital marketing plans.
  • PLO 3: Build solutions/models that would strategically address digital marketing problems.
  • PLO 4: Create value-added marketing strategies based on insights from data.
  • PLO 5: Communicate effectively to develop strong, ‘trusted-advisor’ relationships with clients.