Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program

Program Highlights

This program excels on the following five dimensions that prospective students care about the most when they decide on a post-baccalaureate program to enroll in, according to our survey conducted across the country with the professionals working in the insights and data industry: (1) faculty with industry experience, (2) practical, hands-on learning, (3) curriculum responsive to industry trends, (4) professional connections to industries, and (5) advanced research infrastructure.

Faculty with Industry Expertise

Our faculty members take pride in their exceptional academic credentials, including doctoral degrees, coupled with an extensive repertoire of professional experience and industry networks. They masterfully bridge the divide between academia and the professional landscape by actively participating in research. To enhance industry-faculty collaboration, the  Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing (CCIDM) has initiated the CCIDM Expert Speaker Series. Additionally, the Center has nominated renowned faculty specialists to the Faculty Advisory Board, ensuring the program remains on the cutting edge and maintains its relevance in our ever-evolving industry.


Practical, Hands-On Learning

Embodying Cal Poly Pomona's guiding principle – "Learn By Doing", our courses are designed with a strong emphasis on projects and case studies that reinforce understanding of key academic concepts. Our capstone class brings real-world challenges into the classroom, allowing students to tackle complex problems currently faced by companies. CCIDM will continue broadening its advisory board. The members of this esteemed council will contribute by offering our students valuable internship opportunities, engaging projects, and insightful case studies.


Curriculum, Responsive to Industry Trends

We anticipate that the Center's Advisory Council will play a key role in helping us adapt to the evolving market. Our faculty advisory board is actively identifying industry trends that will be incorporated into our curriculum. For example, through the initiative of one of our faculty advisors, the Center was introduced to Hubspot, a platform offering digital marketing tools anchored on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The Center has embraced email and social media marketing tools to better interact with our communities and monitor the impact of digital media. By experimenting with new technologies, the Center facilitates technological integration into classrooms, empowering both our faculty and students with the latest tools.


Professional connections to industries

The Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing (CCIDM) has played a vital role in bringing industry experts to campus through its CCIDM Expert Speaker Series and its student-focused initiative, the  Analytics and Marketing Insights (AMI) Club. In partnership with the Insights Association, a leading professional organization in the insights and data industry, the Center provides a unique bridge for our students to the industry via the AMI Club. Members of the AMI Club are granted comprehensive access to IA job banks and their email listserv, ensuring they stay abreast of industry developments. Our collaboration with IA has already borne fruit, with our students being invited to serve as panelists in IA's "Diversity & Inclusion Initiative: Spotlight Series 1 – The Student to Young Professional Journey”. This hour-long event showcased a recent graduate and his supervisor from LRW, and highlighted our program to companies across Southern California. We're committed to maintaining and expanding these crucial relationships with digital marketing communities moving forward.


Advanced research infrastructure

For over a decade, the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing (CCIDM) has been dedicated to serving students, faculty, and the business community. Our tripartite mission includes: advancing our understanding of consumer behavior in the digital landscape through innovative and cross-disciplinary research; developing cutting-edge, experiential educational programs to nurture the upcoming generation of Customer Insights and Digital Marketing professionals; and fostering collaborations with businesses to solve marketing challenges around their customers, both consumers and business buyers. We've implemented four signature programs - 1) Internship program, 2) Customer Insights Consultancy (CIC) Program, 3) Digital Marketing Consultancy (DMC) Program and 4) AMI Club - all designed to provide students with real-world experiential learning opportunities. These initiatives have resulted in transformative student successes, with our students winning numerous awards and honors, and landing jobs in world class companies and graduate schools. The center also provides MSDM students with resources for professional development and research.


AACSB accredited business school

In the realm of business education, accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) carries unparalleled prestige. As a global organization, AACSB lends its coveted endorsement to less than five percent of North American universities. Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration has held this distinguished honor for over two decades, placing us amongst an elite group of institutions.