In Memoriam: Peggy J. Snyder

April 6, 2023

Dr. Snyder during 2017 mizerThe Peggy J. Snyder Scholarship Fund recognizes a campus leader with a strong need for financial support. Its founder helped the Cal Poly Pomona community for more than 20 years.

Dr. Peggy J. Snyder joined the College of Business Administration’s Management and Human Resources Department as faculty in 1981. She took over as department chair in 1990 and was awarded Professor Emeritus upon her 1999 retirement.

“I never had a better boss,” Cal Poly Pomona Professor Emerita Kathleen Harcharik, Ph.D. said. “Peggy listened to people and cared about them. She got them and got close to them.”

Snyder, Ph.D. died on Feb. 10, leaving memories, friendships and bonds that extended beyond the campus community. She was 89.

“At Xerox, Peggy taught me how to teach people using a facilitation approach,” MHR Professor Emerita Linda Dell’Osso said. “I was lucky enough to experience Peggy’s supervision a second time at Cal Poly Pomona.”

Whether it was industry or academe, Snyder had a natural talent for building bridges. As MHR chair, she was integral in creating an interdisciplinary total quality management minor with the cooperation of the Department of Technology and Operations and the College of Engineering.

“For me, Peggy was an ‘aunt’ figure,” Dell’Osso said. “She gave me guidance and encouragement throughout the time I knew her.”

In retirement, she remained active on campus with Pace Setters and maintaining the Peggy J. Snyder Scholarship fund. She kept in contact with many former colleagues and students until the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease made it impossible.

Snyder was quick to support others, taking a special interest in advising and mentoring other women. Once a year, a junior or senior-level MHR student continues to benefit from her generosity.

“She never lost sight of what was important,” Harcharik said. “Peggy paved the way for all of us to learn and do our best.”

Snyder is survived by her two children, Michael and Suzanne. Her full obituary is available at

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