Technology and Operations Management

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The TOM and EBZ curriculum each offers 3 career tracks for students to choose from. A supply-chain career track is offered in both our operations management and electronic business curricula. The supply-chain track combines state-of-the-art laboratory experiences with a rich and varied array of experiential learning events, including a rigorous and integrated TOM/EBZ core, emphasis on hands-on learning and teamwork, and cutting-edge electives based on in-depth expertise. While electronic business emphasizes information technology for supply-chain visibility, the Operations Management curriculum emphasizes supply chain network design and analysis. Our strategy is aimed at having the best learn-by-doing environment with a faculty of teacher-scholars who are dedicated to student learning. Today, supply-chain management has become the most popular career track among our students. Over the years our graduates (with no full-time job experience) received job offers of up to the high $80,000’s, among the highest in the college. Some graduates go on to pursue graduate studies, and some pursue their doctorates.

To prepare students for managerial positions, our department focuses on the role of technology and scientific management methods. Heavy emphasis is placed on the study of computer applications for helping managers plan, analyze data, make decisions and communicate. The TOM/EBZ program prepares the graduate for careers managing services and manufacturing operations in small and large companies, national and international businesses, not-for-profit institutions and government. It also gives students the basic foundation for establishing and managing their own businesses. TOM students are provided a broad background in the field, after which they choose one of the following areas of specialization: Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology and Service Operations Management. Regardless of the area of emphasis, the general goals of the program are to help students develop their analytic, critical thinking and communication skills.

Graduate Programs

MSDSCM Digital Supply Chain

The Masters of Digital Supply Chain Management (MSDSCM) program is designed to  meet the current needs of business professionals to acquire a mastery understanding of contemporary digital supply chain management.

Application Deadline: July 1st

International App Deadline: May 1st

MSBA Business Analytics

The Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is designed to satisfy the contemporary needs in all business fields for data science technology and applications.

Application Deadline: July 1st

International App Deadline: May 1st

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