Technology and Operations Management

Learning Goals

Five main themes of the program:

  • Technology Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Globalization
  • Specialty


EBZ graduates will identify advances in electronic business technology and principles of technology management.

Objective 1 : EBZ graduates are able to identify the current trends in ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

  • Learning outcome 1: EBZ graduates will be able to describe the changes in technology and their impacts on businesses and consumers.


Objective 2 :  EBZ graduates will describe the current ICT  (Information  and Communication Technology) and enterprise applications.

  • Learning outcome 1: EBZ graduates will develop skills in functional area applications, and SAP ERP. EBZ graduates will also acquire knowledge about other current technologies in the related areas.


Objective 3 : EBZ graduates will be able to apply principles of technology management.

  • Learning outcome 1: EBZ graduates will be able to describe organizations’ technology strategy its relationship to competitive advantages.

  • Learning outcome 2: EBZ graduates will be able to perform technology forecasting, mapping technology choices to customer value creation, and manage technology portfolio.


EBZ graduates will be able to analyze business scenarios and make sensible recommendations by utilizing critical thinking skills

Objective 4 : recognize the importance and challenges of effective decision making based on facts and reasoning.

  • Learning outcome 1: recognize the importance of fact-based reasoning when making strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

  • Learning outcome 2: construct conclusions, present implications, and recommend business solutions based on the facts and reasoning.

Objective 5 : EBZ graduates will be able to apply data driven decision making process.

  • Learning outcome 1: demonstrate knowledge of information flow that connects processes across the supply chain, such as SAP.

  • Learning Outcome 2: Collect, organize and evaluate information and data from different business functional areas (plan, source, make, delivery, return, and service).


EBZ graduates can communicate effectively.

Objective 6 : Demonstrate effective oral and written communications.


EBZ graduates will acquire global understanding.

Objective 7 : EBZ graduates will be able to describe e-business practices in a global economy.

  • Learning outcome: EBZ graduates will be able to describe the infrastructural, cultural, and behavioral difference in e-business in major e-business countries.

Objective 8 : Integrate implications from globalization into business decisions.

EBZ graduates will demonstrate inter-disciplinary knowledge in information flow across functional areas of business.

Objective 9 : Demonstrate skills and knowledge in a particular functional area of e-business, e.g., e-SCM (Supply Chain Management), MIS (Management Information Systems), e-Marketing and e-commerce.