Technology and Operations Management



Operations Management Society is a business society club that represents the students of the TOM/EBZ department. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and reality. OMS hosts a variety of events throughout the year to expand members' networking map, and insight into the field of supply chain and operations management. We strive to assist our members to develop their leadership skills through professional development training among Cal Poly alumni, industry leaders, and faculty. 

Join the OMS Club on Tuesdays & Thursdays during U-Hour:

ZOOM Meeting Room ID: See OMS Instagram for more details

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Council of Supply Chain Professionals.  President Si Pei. Vice President Blair Wright. Scheduler Alexander Ching. Treasurer Haley Wu. President of Marketing Clairebelle Shin


Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals CPP Student Roundtable

CSCMP is a worldwide professional organization; an organization being concentrated on the aspects and intricacies of supply chain and operations management.

Our chapter’s mission is to motivate and propel business administration students so that they may reach the acme of their potential as formidable leaders in their respective supply chain career.  We advance student potential by offering facility tours, mentorship programs, guest speaker events, networking opportunities, and professional development workshops. 

Students should join CSCMP of CPP to bolster their clout in the supply chain arena by professional networking and gleaning practical knowledge not taught in classroom study.  Furthermore, membership can be retained as a lifelong resource with the greater CSCMP Roundtable even after graduation.

This organization has had presence on the Cal Poly campus since fall 2019.  In that time, we’ve hosted a Six-Sigma workshop, a virtual Covid-19 supply chain speaker panel, and multiple general meetings with keynote speakers. 

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