Technology and Operations Management

Recent Research Publications by Technology and Operations Management Department Faculty

Faculty in Technology and Operations Management Department engage in variety of scholarly activities. Their work has appeared in high impact journals such as Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management,  Organization Science, Production and Operations Management, Decision Analysis, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics etc. Below is the selected recent publications (2016-2021).

Supply Chain & Operations Management

Expertise Areas: supply chain & operations strategy, closed-loop supply chain, supply chain sustainability, new product design, supply chain contracts

  • K.G. Mun , Yao Zhao, Raza Rafique (2021). Designing Hydro Supply Chains for Energy, Food and Flood.  Manufacturing and Service Operations Management,23(2) 274-293. Winner of The ENRE Early-Career Best Paper Award, The ENRE Section of INFORMS, 2019; Winner of Bright Idea Award for Business-Related Academic Studies, The NJ Policy Research Organization (NJPRO) Foundation, 2018
  • A. Yazdani, Çil, E. B., & Pangburn, M. S. (2020). What if Hotelling's Firms Can Mass Customize?.  Decision Sciences51(2), 395-422.
  • H.G. Wang , Jin, T. D. (2020) “Optimal development of distributed energy generation systems with enhanced resilience and renewable resources”, IEEE Access, volume 8, 2020, 88422– 88433. 
  • Zarea, M. Hafezi, and Y. He (2019). Implication of supplier strategies on supply chains with multiple retailers and under random yield, International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 216, October 2019, pages 413-424
  • A. Halati and Y. He (2018). Intersection of economic and environmental goals of sustainable development initiatives. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 189, 10 July 2018, Pages 813-829
  • R. Rafique, K.G. Mun , Yao Zhao. (2017) Designing Energy Supply Chains: Dynamic Models for Energy Security and Economic Prosperity.  Production and Operations Management. 26(6) 1120-1141
  • W. Zhu and Y. He (2017). Green product design in supply chains under competition. European Journal of Operational Research, 258(1), 165–180.
  • Y. He (2017). Supply risk sharing in a closed-loop supply chain. International Journal of Production Economics, 183, 39–52.
  • C. Huynh , C. So, and K. C. Gurnani (2016). Managing a closed-loop supply system with random returns and a cyclic delivery schedule. European Journal of Operational Research 255(3), 787-796.
  • W. Zhu (2016). Capacity-based Service and Product Bundle Differentiation in a Supply Chain. Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, 14(2), 1.
  • X. Xu and F. Fang (2016). Product Line Strategy under Complementary Effects. Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, 14(2), 15-22.
  • Y. He (2016). Closed-loop supply chain sequential pricing under collection uncertainty. Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, 14(1), 17

E-Business & Data Analytics

Expertise Areas: e-services offerings, e-commerce design, sharing economy, data analytics

  • X. Xu, S. Zeng , and Y. He (2021). The impact of information disclosure on consumer purchase behavior on sharing economy platform Airbnb, International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 231, January 2021
  • S. Zeng, with Xun Xu and C.L. Munson (2017). The impact of e-service offerings on the demand of online customers.  International Journal of Production Economics, 184, 231-244.
  • S. Zeng , with Xun Xu and Y. He (2017). The influence of e-services on customer online purchasing behavior toward remanufactured products. International Journal of Production Economics, 187, 113–125.
  • X. Xu (2017). Platform Licensing for Electronic Commerce Ecosystems. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 18(2), 177-188.

Operations Research & Decision Sciences

Expertise Areas: operations research methods, decision analysis, decision support systems, behavioral decision making

  • Pi, J. X., Pardalos, P. M., H. G. Wang (2021) “An efficient dual approach to solve convex clustering and regularized convex clustering”,  European Journal of Operational Research, volume 290, 2021, 844–856. 
  • J. Guyse, L. Robin Keller,  C. Huynh (2020) Valuing Sequences of Lives Lost or Saved Over Time: Preference for Uniform Sequences, Decision Analysis, Volume 17, Issue 1,  24-38  ( Decision Analysis Special Recognition Award 2020)
  • Li, Y. C., H. G. Wang (2019) “A self-adaptive simulated annealing algorithm for assembly line balancing problems with multi-operators”,  Neural Computing and Applications, 55–173. 
  • H. G. Wang, Rezo, D. L., Schu ̈tze, O. (2019) “Enhanced directed search: a continuation method for mixed-integer multi-objective optimization problems”,  Annals of Operations Research, 343–365.
  • H. G. Wang, Zhang, B. (2019) “Optimal machine teaching via simulation optimization”,  Computer and Industrial Engineering, 119–126.
  • C. Huynh and J. Simon (2016). Using Means Objectives to Present Risk Information. Decision Analysis, 13(2):117-127

Pedagogical Research

Expertise Areas: curriculum design, assessment, teaching methods

  • Myers, A. Kumar , Z. G. Aytug, and L. Preiser-Houy (2018). Purposeful Assessment Design: Aligning Course-Embedded Assessment with Program-Level Learning Goals. Business Education Innovation Journal. Volume 10, No. 1.
  • R. Rhodes (2017). Creating engaged learning environments for operations and supply chain management. Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management—Innovative Education Issue, Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 207-227.
  • A. Kumar (2017). A Spreadsheet-based Scheduling Model to Create Individual Graduation Roadmaps. Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management. Volume 15, No. 2, 165-188.
  • A. Sinha, Y. He , and W.P. Millhiser (2016). Matching supply with demand in supply chain management education. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 27(3), 837–861.