Technology and Operations Management

Graduate "Meet and Greet" Fall Event

This September, the department arranged a joint graduate program networking event inviting faculty, MS Business Analytic students, MS Digital Supply Chain Management students, and industry partners. Students were officially welcomed to the MSBA and MSDSCM program at the in-person event in the evening on September 9 th in the Kellogg West Conference Center. Students, faculty, and professionals engaged in conversation before enjoying a presentation by Dr. He. It showed the new cohort more information about their peer's academic and professional background. The information below highlights the presentation 

The MS Digital Supply Chain Management 

The MSDSCM faculty consist of program Co-Directors, Dr. He and Dr. Zeng. Additional faculty includes; Dr. Guyse, Dr. Mun, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Yazadani. The program embraces all students with 56% of MSDCSM students being female and 56% being international students. The current cohort recognizes the value in graduating within one year as a little over half of students choose to follow a 12-month curriculum path. Several of the program’s new cohort received their undergraduate degrees from all over the nation, as well as globally. Currently, most of the cohort have full-time professional working experience and once assumed managerial positions within their industry. The topic of interest for most MSDSCM students revolves around forecasting for the future, modeling, data analytics and optimization methods. 

The MS Business Analytics

The MSBA Program is headed by Co-Directors, Dr. He and Dr. Hwang. Many of the MSBA students offer valuable professional experience in an extensive variety of industries. Additionally, this program is all inclusive with 40% of MSBA students being international, spanning three continents and eight countries/regions. Although 45% of students are from either a CSU or UC, this program is open to all prospective students from any university and welcomes all majors. Several notable events throughout the last year were; the MSBA Graduation Photo Shoot, the May Networking Event, and the 2022 Graduation Commencement.  Our faculty hopes to continue aspiring future careers in all industries.