EFL Students & Faulty Present at the Creative Activities & Research Symposium

Creative Activities & Research Symposium 2016 cover image

Even though classes wouldn't start for over a month, students, faculty, staff, administration, and guests gathered in the University Library on August 17 for the Office of Undergraduate Research's 2nd annual Creative Activities & Research Symposium, a day of presenting original research, scholarly and creative activities.

And EFL was well-represented: almost 10% of the 77 presentations were from EFL students and faculty, who presented research on writing and literature and gave poetry performances. Kudos to those who participated! 

For more information about the program, check out the Office of Undergraduate Research's CARS page.

Oral presentations

Kristin Kawecki "The Beat that Has Gone On" (Dr. Susannah Drissi, faculty mentor)

Poster sessions

Edward Coronado III and Laura Razo "Writing Technologies: From Chisel to Pen to Twitter" (Dr. Karen Russikoff, faculty mentor)
Kristin Kawecki "Propping Up Folk Tales, Frozen in Time: Analysis of The Snow Queen and Frozen with Propp's 31 Narratemes" (Dr. Alison Baker, faculty mentor)

Poetry performances

Dr. Aaron DeRosa, featured faculty poetry
Dr. Liam Corley, featured faculty poetry
Grant Palmer, featured graduate poetry
Michelle Mermilliod (Dr. Edward Rocklin, faculty mentor), poetry & short story
Kristin Kawecki (Dr. Susannah Drissi, faculty mentor), poetry

Aaron DeRosa's poetry performance

Dr. Aaron DeRosa

Liam Corley poetry performance

Dr. Liam Corley

Grant Palmer's poetry performance

Grant Palmer

Kristin Kawecki's poetry performance

Kristin Kawecki