EFL Student Represents CPP at CSU Research Conference

Spanish Major Violeta Villagomez at CSU Bakersfield

Spanish Major Violeta Villagomez has had a startling research career this year. In November she presented at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research at Harvey Mudd College. In March she won the Session 10 panel (Humanities and Letters, Behavioral and Social Sciences) of the Student RSCA Undergraduate research conference at CPP with a project titled "The Songs We Sing: a Dreamer's Lyric (1985-2015)" (adviser Dr. Marta Albalá Pelegrín). She was then the undergraduate student chosen to represent CPP Humanities at the CSU Undergraduate Research Competition celebrated in April at CSU Bakersfield. Violeta delivered a thrilling presentation on a compelling topic. Through the analysis of songs and poems, her "dreamers' lyrics" gave an insight into dreamers' fears and stood out as a proposal empowering those who feel voiceless.