Professor Hall publishes Victorian Ecocriticism

Professor Dewey W. Hall has published an edited collection titled Victorian Ecocriticism: The Politics of Place and Early Environmental Justice (Lexington, Fall 2017). As an interdisciplinary edition, Victorian Ecocriticism has two aims. First, selected places featured in the collection provide environmental contexts, often with political implications: American rural landscapes (e.g., Walden's Pond), Australian mines, British hill country (e.g., Lake and Peak Districts), and the Labrador Sea. In addition, the edition includes discussions about various instances of early environmental justice evident during the mid-nineteenth century such as: animal hunting, anti-railway campaigns, biological egalitarianism, factory education, labor disputes, place attachment, patterns of displacement, reactions to Victorian scientism, and resistance to enclosure. The topics are wide-ranging, significant, and contemporary, discussing the politics of place in the environs.

Congratulations, Dr. Hall!

Book cover image: under the title and editor's name, there is a picture of an impressionist painting depicting two people sitting in nature in the foreground and a city skyline with factory smoke billowing in the background