EFL Students Present at CPP Student Research Conference

Spanish students Violeta Villagomez and Michelle Lopez with their poster

EFL students were stars at the 2015 Student Research Conference.

Seniors Michelle López and Violeta Villagomez (Spanish), who presented at the poster session, examined the role of depictions of pre-Columbian art objects in the development of post-Revolutionary nationalism as seen in literary and cultural journals from 1920 to 1950.

Senior Brittany Kemp (English Education) spoke on "The Indirect Object in Educated American English," examining aspects of dative alternation in spoken discourse to determine how specific verbs, or categories, are used in university level conversations.

Edwin Teh and Lauren Collins (English M.A.) presented pedagogy research, sharing activities and strategies for flipped classrooms (a hybrid teaching format in which an online portion is devoted to theoretical knowledge subsequently put to use through classroom practice) in ESL composition courses during a talk titled "Engaging Activities during a Flipped Video".

In his poster presentation, Jorge Larios (English M.A.) provided suggestions for incorporating flipped methodology into project-based learning for ESL classrooms, scaffolding a lesson on the passive voice to ultimately build up to more complex, scientific writing.

Grace Lauren Castruita (English M.A.) also dealt with pedagogy in her talk, "The Flip Side of Flipping," in which she showed that flipped classrooms are not only beneficial for students but also instructors. EFL faculty members Kent Dickson, Noel Houck, and Karen Russikoff mentored the students.

Cudos to our wonderful students!