Tutoring Expectation Policy

To ensure effective and productive tutoring sessions, the following are the ARCHES Tutoring Expectations for tutees:

Be an active participant in the tutoring process (i.e. working out problems, discussing class material, asking questions, etc.) Your tutor will also ask you questions and initiate dialogue during your sessions.

Come with a plan and know what you need to work on with specific questions or problems to be addressed. You are expected to have attended class, reviewed class material, and attempted homework problems or writing prompts prior to attending your tutoring session(s).

Be prepared with all of the required class materials (i.e., syllabus, textbooks, class notes, assignments or essay prompts, software, etc.) you need for your session(s).

Arrive on time to tutoring session(s) and utilize your full tutoring session (1 or 2 hours). ARCHES does not allow partial appointments (i.e. 15 or 30-minute appointments).

Treat tutors with respect. Tutors work to reinforce independent learning and are not responsible for: providing tutoring outside of tutoring sessions, teaching the class material, completing a student’s homework, completing a take-home exam or replacing class attendance.

Communicate with your tutor and provide feedback, your tutor may not always know what you need. Inform your tutor if a specific technique used in the session is not right for you.

You can expect that your tutor will…

Be a facilitator they will provide useful comments and suggestions to help you to be an independent learner. They will ask you questions and engage you to be an active participant.

Be professional they will arrive on time and be respectful of your diverse perspective and learning style.

Be knowledgeable about available resources to assist you and answer questions to the best of their ability.

Set clear expectations about the session and encourage you to be an independent learner. Work with you but not for you.

Be supportive and provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

Not be responsible for: teaching the class material, correcting/completing a student’s homework, completing a take-home exam or replacing class attendance.

Not try to predict what your grade will be on your assignments and cannot speak for your instructor. Please ask your instructor for any clarification on an assignment or a grade.

  • No tutoring outside of your assigned tutoring appointments.

  • Cell phones must be turned off/silenced during tutoring appointments. When in the ARCHES Office, calls are made outside the office.

  • No texting or inappropriate use of computers during tutoring sessions.

  • Friends, and/or visitors should not accompany you to an appointment due to confidentiality. 

  • While in the ARCHES Office, do not eat or drink around the computers. Clean up after yourself. 

ARCHES students and tutors must follow the universities Codes of Conduct including, but not limited to:

Academic Integrity Policy

Zero Tolerance for Violence Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy