Academic Success Resources

ARCHES is committed to ensuring that every student has an opportunity to persist and graduate from college. We believe that every student, regardless of their disability, is capable of achieving academic success, and personal satisfaction. We recognize that it is important for students to be equipped with the appropriate resources, and we have provided some links that will help with academic success.

Cal Poly Pomona Resources

The University Library offers a varitey of resources for CPP students. Here are some of the librarys tips include: 

  • Resercher Help
  • Knowlege Center, speak with a Knowledge Consultant.
  • Study Rooms/Study Floors
  • Library Tips, include resources for studying tips and learning tips.

To learn how to access these resources you can go on the Library Tips page. You can also see Cal Poly Pomona University Library Youtube page for more resources and watch their video tour.


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers numerous and valuable study resources to sharpen your skills to reach academic success.

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Notetaking
  • Time Management
  • Study Strategies and Notetaking

The LRC also provides subject tutoring workshops, take a look at current terms workshop calendar for more information. 


Other College Resources

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Learning Center provides numerous study resources such as tips, handouts, and videos to help you:


Study Smarter Be More Productive Read Better Ace Your Tests
Using Office Hours Effectively Assignment & Test Tracker Annotating Texts Multiple Choice Exams
Getting the Most from Lectures Distractions Diagrams and Graphs Strategic Test Prep

Higher Order Thinking

Effective Note Taking Reading Comprehension Tips Test Anxiety

Memoriztion Strategies


Reading Journal Articles

Test Analyzer

Studying 101

Semester Action Plan Reading Math Textbooks Test Day Game Plan

Studying for Math

Priorities Worksheet Reading Self Assessment

Studying for Stem

Taking Notes While Reading

Learning Chemistry


Take a look at UNC's APP Compendium for a list of APPs to help optimize your academic life.


The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

  • A nexus for research and a leading source of advocacy and information to better the lives of people with dyslexia.