Financial Literacy & Financial Aid Resources

Financial Planning and Literacy are critical to a student’s success during college and after. Below are some good web resources to build your knowledge and understanding of financial planning.


ARCHES Financial Literacy Series Workshops

ARCHES collaborates with several CPP programs to provide students with financial education each semester. ARCHES students are required to attend at least one workshop or event per semester. ARCHES students can find more information about these workshops and how to sign up here:

ARCHES YouTube Channel

ARCHES has compiled a list educational videos on financial literacy you can find our playlists on our ARCHES YouTube Channel. 

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Resources

How to Apply for FAFSA

Your FAFSA is used to determine your eligibility for Federal, California State, and Cal Poly Pomona aid, and some scholarship providers may use your FAFSA information to determine whether you qualify for their awards.

CPP Financial Aid TV

This CPP website has videos and information on the: Financial Aid Process, Financial Aid Types, and information on Personal Finance. Students can also find information for current students, new students, families, and information is presented in several languages.

Financial Wellness

The Cal Poly Pomona Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships believes that every student should be an educated, responsible, and financially healthy member of the University community. They have put together some information and resources to help you on your way (or get you back on your feet) financially. 

Bronco Scholarship Portal

Cal Poly Pomona has over 300 scholarship opportunities to support our students’ educational goals. Our application portal, Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP), allows students to apply for university scholarships via one application

Study Abroad Funding

CPP Study Abroad and the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships are committed to getting you to your destination and adventure as a study abroad student. We recommend you take care of your finances before you go in order to have a smooth and unforgettable experience. Check out some of their resources on how to fund your study abroad experience.

FAFSA Workshops

The Office of Financial Aid provide a variety of workshops on topics related to Financial Aid. Check out their list of workshops for the term. During workshops students can get help/questions answered virtually.

Non-CPP Affiliated Resources

Schools First Credit Union Financial Education

CPP's former credit union has now merged with SchoolsFirst. Schools first provides free information on the basics of financial management and education. Check out their Extra Credit articles and It's a Money Thing videos.


MYMONNEY.GOV is a the U.S. government’s website dedicated to educating Americans about basic financial literacy. Check out their tools, quizzes, worksheets, and checklist.

Practical Money Skills

Practical Money Skills by Visa is available in 19 languages and 46 countries and has empowered millions of consumers, educators, parents and students to take control of their finances. The free educational resources include personal finance articles, lesson plans, mobile apps and games.