Graduate School Resources

If graduate school is your next step after your undergraduate degree, there are some important points to be aware of:

Begin Your Research Early

Students can begin exploring as early as their freshman year to know how to create a competitive academic portfolio for graduate school.  Based on your areas of interest, it is important to foster strong relationships with your professors who will be instrumental in your application process, including securing letters of recommendation.  There are many useful resources such as Peterson’s, an online tool to explore the right graduate school for you.

Seek Advice  

Speak with your professors in your department or discipline of interest about your interest areas or graduate programs.  The Career Center is also a useful resource in obtaining information about the process of graduate school.  The Career Center can also assist in reviewing your personal statement.

Study for Standardized Tests

There are various resources to help you prepare for whichever standardized test may be required for your area of interest (e.g. GRE, LSAT, MCAT) that range in cost from $25 to $2,000.  Take a practice test to gage where you need to concentrate your study time. If you receive testing.

All national testing services are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to test takers with disabilities, and most have detailed information on their websites about how to document a disability and request accommodations. However, students must be self-advocates and get all documentation prepared well in advance. For most tests, the testing services request that all documentation be mailed at least six weeks prior to the registration deadline to be reviewed for approval of accommodations.

CPP Graduate School Resources

The Career Center

The Career Center is here to assist you with the transition from undergraduate to your post-grad destination!

Meet with a Career Specialist for more information about the graduate school process.

Our Grad Program

The OUR GRAD Program is designed to prepare CPP students for the rigor of graduate applications through a series of workshops, campus events, and involvement. Through the OUR Grad Program students will get hands-on experience researching and selecting graduate programs, taking the General Graduate Records Examination (GRE), and have opportunities to write and revise personal statements and statements of purpose. 

The McNairs Scholars Program

The Cal Poly Pomona McNair Scholars Program prepares eligible undergraduate students for PhD programs by promoting student success through undergraduate research, faculty mentorship, and a series of skill building workshops.