Landscape Architecture


The Department of Landscape Architecture is pleased to award more than $50,000 annually to support the academic development, public service and career ambitions of the students of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. Through the continued generosity of our supporters and donors, the students of CPPLA can be even more Bravely Curious.

To apply, visit:

External Scholarships and Fellowships

In addition to department scholarships, there are numerous external funding and fellowship opportunities for students:

AWA+D Scholarships
The Association for Women in Architecture Foundation offers annual cash awards to women studying architecture, landscape architecture, urban and/or land planning, interior design, or environmental design leading to a college degree.

Landscape Architecture Foundation // LAF
Since 1986, LAF has awarded more than $1.25 million in scholarships and fellowships to over 550 students. These awards support new generations of landscape architects by recognizing leadership, rewarding superior student performance, encouraging diversity, supporting original research, and assisting students with unmet financial needs.

American Society of Landscape Architects Scholarships and Fellowships // ASLA 
The ASLA provides a clearinghouse for numerous scholarships and fellowships available to students of landscape architecture.

The department encourages students to look near and far in identifying directed investigations, focused research, travel itineraries and service opportunities. We support global thinking and visioning, but also recognize the truly unique opportunities of more local conditions. The committee supports both broad travel and more focused research that may not have extensive travel as an underlying theme.

Department Scholarships

Scholarships over $1,000 

    This annual scholarship will be awarded to undergraduates who are self-starters, leaders, team players and multi- disciplined in focus.
  • DANGERMOND RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP – Ten (10) $5,000 awards
    To expand the intellectual horizons of Landscape Architecture students pursuing research in Landscape Architecture or Geodesign. Funds can be used for research related gear/equipment, research expenses and supplies, travel, and/or as a stipend.
  • RUTH SHELLHORN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP -  One (1) $5,000 award or two (2) $2500 awards or in any other amount determined by the Scholarship Committee 
    This scholarship is awarded to one or more women students who are in the senior year of the bachelor’s program or completing their master's culminating experience (project or thesis) who have shown dedication to landscape architecture and an appreciation for plant material as an integral part of design.
  • B.L.A.C.K. in L.A. – One (1) $3,000 award
    BRAVELY LEADING ADVANCEMENT, CURIOSITY, and KNOWLEDGE IN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE (B.L.A.C.K. in L.A.) scholarship for a student who prioritizes a future that is community-focused, equitable, relevant, and sustainable.
  • CLASS FUND SCHOLARSHIP - Two (2) $2,500 awards
    This scholarship is provided to fund landscape architecture students with financial need, strong leadership qualities and the potential to expand the discipline of landscape architecture. 
    This scholarship is for a first-generation third-year BSLA student with financial need, who demonstrates determined improvement throughout their first three years in college, and is consistenty striving to build a better future for their family.
  • CHAPMAN FORESTRY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - Fifteen (15) awards, a maximum of $1,000 each
    This scholarship supports undergraduate landscape architecture students from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who are participating in the Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture Italy Study Abroad Program in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy.
  • ONA SCHOLARS SCHOLARSHIP - One (1) $1,500 award
    This scholarship is provided to fund landscape architecture students with a specific interest in community service. 
    This scholarship is provided to fund first or second year undergraduate landscape architecture students.  
    This scholarship is provided to fund landscape architecture students with financial needs.

Scholarships less than $1,000

    This scholarship is provided to fund a student of aandscape architecture with an expressed and undeniable interest in expanding a personal vision of Landscape Architecture, a distinguished academic record, and a demonstrated interest in landscape architectural education. 
  • EDAW SCHOLARSHIP in HONOR of FRANCIS DEAN - One (1) $500 award
    This scholarship is awarded to a landscape architecture student with a distinguished academic record and a special interest in landscape design in California.

(LA Scholarship Criteria)

All department scholarship applications should address the specific scholarship criteria listed under each scholarship description. 

  • Any scholarships awarding less than $1,000 need only submit a one-page letter of intent responding to the scholarship criteria. 
  • All scholarships awarding more than $1,000 must submit a statement of intent, a digital portfolio, and any other requirements set forth in the specific scholarship requirements. 
  • Students awarded scholarships requiring portfolios must submit a hard copy of the portfolio, and send a "thank you" letter to the scholarship donor.    
  • All award recipients will be required to participate in a public presentation at a future scholarship event, such a Pecha Kucha.
  • All scholarship applications will become property of the department and will not be returned; in most cases portfolios are sent to the donors of the scholarships.

Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for; however, each scholarship will require a separate and complete application. Each application should be tailored to specifically address the explicit criteria and intentions of each scholarship.

All reference to year-level criteria are for the upcoming academic year­; students graduating in the spring of the current academic year are not eligible.

Please submit completed applications to the Bronco Scholarship Application website. BSA is the online application for scholarship opportunities from colleges, departments, clubs, and offices throughout campus. For specific individual scholarship deadlines, go to the Bronco Scholarship Application.

All questions should be directed to the department office.

Students awarded scholarships use the funding to support their education costs, community service opportunities, and travel ambitions.