Urban and Regional Planning

Welcome to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning

The mission of the department is to prepare students to become planning professionals by providing a multi-disciplinary professional education that teaches students to define issues, solve problems and implement solutions to improve the quality of the natural and built environment, in ways that promote social justice and are rooted in an understanding of social change.

The department is recognized as a national leader in planning education. It is the only accredited undergraduate planning program in Southern California, and one of the largest in the nation. Accreditation teams give the program very high marks for the quality of teaching and the professional readiness of its students. Cal Poly Pomona has an extensive network of alumni in the field and an excellent reputation in the profession. In addition, you will learn planning in a college with architects, landscape architects, environmentalists, and artists, thus enriching your education. The undergraduate and graduate planning students have active student organization that enhances the educational experience through field trips, professional activities and community service.