Urban and Regional Planning

Intro to the Profession

kathleen king speaking
Kathleen King ('15, M.URP), planning assistant, City of Los Angeles
Planning is a profession dedicated to helping society manage change. Planners work in cities and regions to guide growth and development, enhance communities, and improve the quality of life. Their work affects the pattern of development, urban design, environmental quality, the creation of jobs, and equality and opportunity.

Planners work for cities and other government agencies, consulting firms, non-profit agencies and private firms.

Planners develop and implement long range plans and projects and they help solve problems in cities and regions. They usually work in teams with other professionals, community members, and elected officials. In any given day a planner may be writing a report, analyzing information, brainstorming solutions, developing a plan, conducting a workshop with community members or making a presentation to city council. Planners have good communication and writing skills.

Planning specializations include land use planning, historic preservation, transportation planning, housing and community development, policy development and management, economic development, environmental planning, urban design, urban development, and international planning. The department focuses on four areas: urban design, infrastructure and transportation planning, resiliency, sustainability, and environment, and community development and social justice. Undergraduate students may also take a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), landscape architecture, regenerative studies and many other fields. Significant GIS (Geographic Information Systems) coursework is available. The Cal Poly Pomona program offers a broad foundation and an opportunity to specialize through core elective courses.