Urban and Regional Planning

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The Urban and Regional Planning department takes advantage of the rich laboratory that is Southern California. The region offers tremendous variety in urban, suburban, and exurban environments and in social and economic diversity. Classes take full advantage in fired trips and community projects. While on campus, URP students take advantage of a cluster of facilities in Building 7, including a dedicated student lounge, lecture rooms, seminar rooms, and studios. A state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer lab is available.

Students are supported by two student clubs, the American Planning Student Association (APSA) for undergraduates and the Graduate Planning Student Association (GPSA) for graduates. They organize seminars, lectures, firm tours, community service work, conference attendance, and social events. URP students are also enriched by the annual Dale Prize event, which selects a cutting-edge planning topic each year and pairs a distinguished practitioner and scholar in that topic area for dialogues and class activities.

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