Projects Hatchery

About The Hatchery

About Projects Hatchery

Projects Hatchery is a multidisciplinary program under the Office of Undergraduate Research that actively strives to achieve the university’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy for CPP students. With Projects Hatchery, you will receive guidance from your mentors and the Projects Hatchery team through every developmental phase: from conception to implementation to completion.

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Projects Hatchery Orientation


Key Program Components


Phase lengths are flexible. There is no set timetable for project completion, so we encourage students, with the help of their mentors, to mold a timeline suitable to their projects.


During the hatchery process, students will be involved with project planning (e.g. timeline, goal setting, budget planning, etc.), report writing, and multiple presentations.


Students can be funded up to $8,000 depending on the project scope and the number of team members.