Projects Hatchery
Mentors & Advisors



Below are the Projects Hatchery Advisors. Projects Hatchery Advisors are familiar with the LTD Projects Hatchery process and complement the mentors’ role by being a liaison between the student team and the Projects Hatchery. Advisors helps guide teams through the different phases of the program and the general processes of projects development. Advisors are assigned 2-3 teams from Phases II, III, & IV of the program.  

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Mary Danico

Department: Sociology


Jordan DeVoneia

Department: Agriculture Career Counselor

Winny Dong

Department: LTD/OUR

Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers

Department: KHC, Geography, Anthropology

Analena Hassberg

Department: Ethnic & Women's Studies, Education

Brian Kim

Department: Philosophy


Sunny Lie

Department: Communications


Teresa Lloro

Department: Liberal Studies, Education

Cheryl Love

Department: Education

Frances Mercer

Department: Biological Sciences

Elisa Mitchell

Department: Office of Undergraduate Research 

Renford Reese

Department: Political Science

Peter Ross

Department: Philosophy

Olukemi Sawyerr

Department: Office of Academic Innovation

Nolan Tsuchiya

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Tyree Vance

Department: African-American Cultural Center

Matthew Walters

Department: International Center