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Phase 4 Teams

Phase IV Teams

Below are the Projects Hatchery Phase IV teams. Read about the team members and mentors, and don't forget to check out the team presentations that were made for the Scholar Recognition

Decision-Making Lab

The goal of our research is to find out why people value products that include claims that are verifiably misleading or false. Our central premise we wish to test is that people differ with respect to how they think about the nature of truth, with some people driving a hard distinction between objective and the subjective and others having a “looser” reasoning style that puts all ways of approximating truth ton more equal footing.

Team Members: Caroline Meyeroshn
Mentor: Randy Stein

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Cross-Cultural Reasoning

The research aims to show why people and nations differ in their trust of their government and societies, and how that trust relates to how people reason about what’s true and what’s not and overall human behavior. We are trying to fulfill a need to understand why some societies have higher trust than others, and what are the consequences of it. Therefore, we seek to find sociopolitical and socioeconomic factors that explain how systemic trust (people’s trust in their society’s institutions, power structure, and trust in other citizens) influence how individuals’ reason about truth, social inequalities, and risk (e.g., the threat of COVID-19).  

Team Members: Luis Jarrin
Mentor: Randy Stein