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How to Find a Mentor


How to Find a Mentor

Mentor Role

The mentor’s role is to guide the students through the design and implementation of the project by providing advice and feedback based on disciplinary expertise and/or experiential knowledge. Because the Projects Hatchery is a multidisciplinary program, its staff are not equipped to help students with the specific details and processes each project requires. While Hatchery staff can provide general tasks that suit a wide array of projects, the mentor is able to tailor these general tasks to the team’s own project.

Project Hatchery mentors may be faculty, staff, or from an external source such as a private company or organization. However, each team is required to have at least one faculty mentor overseeing their project to ensure that the project is centered around education and research. 

How to Sign Up

Mentors who are willing to honor the duties and responsibilities of their position are invited to fill out a Mentor Commitment Form and attend our monthly Hatchery meetings.

Sign up to be a Mentor

 Below is a non-comprehensive list of CPP Faculty members who are available to mentor projects: 

Giselle Navarro-Cruz

Shayda Kafai

Brian Kim

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